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Your garage door might encounter some problem and you might need to do some lubrication or worst it might need a total replacement. It does not matter what the situation is, in most cases homeowners usually carry out the garage door roller repair on their own. This article includes tips on how you will do the process properly.

Steps on How You Do the Repair

• In case you have an automatic garage door, the first thing you need to do is to unplug it before you carry out the inspection.

• Familiarize yourself with the different parts that the unit composes of. The most essential part of the garage door is the rollers. It is the one responsible in the opening and closing of the door that are connected to the garage door with hinges. It is fitted to the track that is connected to the frame of the door through mounting brackets.

• To clean the tracks and rollers you can use a household cleaner to get rid of the debris or dirt that has accumulated on the door.

• Examine the hinges and if there is bent, then replace it. Open the garage door if you need to remove the hinges and keep it in that position by putting the clamps underneath the roller so it will stay in that position. Support the garage door with a 2 x 4, and then remove the hinge.

• Check the rollers and if you observed that there is something wrong with it, then it is time for a garage door roller repair.

• Make sure that all the loose screws are tightened together with bolts and nuts on all hardware.

• With the use of oil or lubricating spray, lubricate tracks and rollers. On tracks you can use powdered graphite. For rollers it is best to use silicone sprays or household oils.

• By using the level, you are assured that the track is even. If in case you notice that the track is not plumb, remove the screw of the mounting bracket bolts, and with a hammer tap it lightly to set it in the right position. As soon as you moved the track to the right position, tighten the bolts.

• It is important that the track has the same height as the other. In case the tracks are not even, you need to adjust the mounting bracket placement. To attach the tracks in the structure of the house, the mounting brackets are needed.

If you are in a situation that you are not sure of, it is best that you call an expert garage door technician to handle the garage door roller repair to assess the situation. The expert will be able to determine the problem and make the needed recommendations to repair your unit and function properly.

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