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Burst Pipes Jupiter
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http://helpfulwaves.blogspot.com/p/extracting-from-audio.html I have extracted the planetary field signature for the planet Jupiter from audio of Jupiter radio wave bursts, both L and S bursts. The data was recorded at Earth radio observatories and also radio wave bursts recorded by the Cassini spacecraft and outer magnetosphere recording by Voyager 2. The designer field signature approximations are remarkably similar for all the extractions.

Voyager 2 – 1917, 2418, 3422 Hz
Cassini – 2840, 4211, 4622 Hz
Jupiter L Bursts WCC Radio Observatory – 2542, 3017, 3822 HZ
Jupiter L Bursts Radio Sky, Jupiter Central – 2433, 3118, 4226 Hz
Jupiter S Bursts Biro2 in Papa, Hi for Radio Sky, Jupiter Central 2817, 3627, 4422 Hz

I invite interested researchers from the astronomical community to contact me for audio analog field match requests that will be handled in a confidential and professional manner.

The extractions are demonstrating that there is an inherent planetary field signature for Jupiter within the audio recordings (from the electromagnetic field generated by the electrical audio coil playing the audio) that can be discerned as a physiological response in the body.

That is, the mind is able to discern an inherent pattern within the Jupiter audio recordings that has an actual sensation and can be extracted as the compound frequencies listed above. This is what Jupiter feels like if you are sensitive to subtle magnetic fields.

Radio Jove http://radiojove.gsfc.nasa.gov/

Radio Sky- Jupiter Central http://www.radiosky.com/rjcentral.html

NASA Juno spacecraft mission to Jupiter: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/juno/main/#.U6rOJbFvDzw

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Call Us Today: 727-228-3350
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