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My thoughts on the Scenario:
Basically a Copy and Paste job of the Training Scenario, but non-the-less I enjoyed it for a short trip.

Personal Notes:
Was late for the last 3 Objectives [basically all of them after I first departed lol]. I decided to basically mainly drive the Train using the Speed set, as it was kinda annoying using TrackIR and Mouse Controls due to the Throttle being so low down, which might have been the cause for being late as I set the limit to a bit under. I might end up using the Keyboard for this Loco, but haven’t decided yet.


Scenario Description: A landslide caused by a burst water main has occurred north of South Croydon station. All trains have been disrupted and there is currently no service between East Croydon and Gatwick Airport.

Route: London to Brighton.
Start at London Victoria Platform 18:
Depart: 01:54
Pickup at Clapham Junction Platform 13:
Approach: 06:20 – Arrive: 07:20 – Depart: 08:08
Go Via Brighton Down First Croydon:
Arrive: 15:46
Couple to a78579377129, a77172377202, a78609377409, a78577377129 at East Croydon Platform 3:
Approach: 16:10 – Arrive: 17:10 – Depart: —-
Pickup at East Croydon Platform 3:
Approach: —- – Arrive: —- – Scoring: 18:04

Class 377 ‘Electrostar’ Electric Multiple Unit Locomotive Information:

Weight: 173.6 [4-Car Unit]
Length: 66’11” / 20.4m [Per Car]
Engine Power: 2,000Hp [1,500kW]
Max Speed: 100Mph [160Kph]
Voltage: 750V DC 3rd Rail

Built by Bombardier in Derby, England, the Class 377 third-rail DC, 4 car electric multiple units began service during 2002. They are a member of the Electrostar train family, the most numerous EMU built in post-privatization. Due to their high power consumption major upgrades were carried out to the 750V DC third-rail power system used on the Southern region. The trains are used extensively on services in south London and on rural commuter services throughout Sussex and Kent where they replaced the aging 4CIG and 4VEP slam-door stock. The Class 377 trains feature external CCTV, a disabled seating area, and toilets in both intermediate coaches. Dual voltage units are fitted with a high speed pantograph to allow operation under 25kV lines as well as the native third rail shoes.

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Recorded with BandiCam.
Edited with Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.

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