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Water damage is a terrible thing to go through; however, it helps to know that Plumbers FL Services will be there quickly and efficiently when needed. Christian and Carlos make a great team. They are friendly, polite, and hard working. They are a credit to the Plumbers FL, and I’m glad they were here to help me. Thank you Christian and Carlos and the Plumbers FL crew. I always call Plumbers FL, and recommend their services to neighbors and friends. Thank you.


We have used Plumbers Florida many times in the past. The technicians are always pleasant, professional and do outstanding work. Our last experience was with William who went above and beyond our expectations. His communication skills and advise were spot on. As well as just a really, really nice man!!!

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Ask and you shall receive. Back when I did a review of the Primary Arms Micro Red Dot, several of you requested a comparison video of it and the Bushnell TRS-25. Now these micro red dots are very similar, you can’t go wrong either way. However there are some small differences. One main difference is the body shape. The turn dials for the brightness settings are located in different locations. The Primary Arms is located on the side to resemble the Aimpoint Micro. With the Bushnell TRS-25 the turn dial is located at a 45 degree angle. While we are talking about the brightness dial I must say the Bushnell TRS-25 was much harder to actuate than the Primary Arms dial. Their brightness settings were pretty much identical the whole way through. I will say, with my red dots, that the Bushnell TRS-25 was slightly brighter. My Primary Arms Micro Red Dots have some issues like you saw in the video. One of the red dots seems to drain the battery more than the other, but the other one has a double red dot. The biggest question you have to ask when deciding is what do you want in regards to mounting options. With the Bushnell TRS-25 your stuck to just raisers (anything with a picatinny rail) or mounting it directly to your rifle. With the Primary Arms Micro Red Dot you can mount it to any mount design to fit the Aimpoint Micro. WARNING, you must have the Primary Arms Micro Red Dot with the removable base to do so. All and all, I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these red dots. I think the Primary Arms beats out the Bushnell simply because of the mounting options it gives you. Thanks for watching, take care.

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