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Drainage Problems Miami
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Alejandro massage therapist in Miami, Specialist in Post Operative Treatment and Chronic Pain. Works in Zbaroo Salon & Spa, Mobile Massage and Miami International Mall.

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue
Sport Massage
Neuromuscular Therapy
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Complete Descongestive Therapy
Chair massage

Advanced Therapeutic Sport & Clinical Massage, Inc.
11031 N. KENDALL DR. APT R 206 Miami, FL 33176

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Alejandro Gomez
Licenced: MA 61392
Miami International Mall
1455 NW 107th Ave #596, Doral, FL 33172
Monday and Wednesday 4 pm at 9 pm
Thursday 12 pm at 9 pm

Zbaroo Salon & Spa
13889 South Dixie Hwy, Miami FL 33176
7 days – Times less Miami International Mall

Mobil Massage
8 am 10 pm x appt.

Web Site: http://www.massagetherapeuticmiami.com
E-Mail: [email protected]

1(786) 316 5255

Applications of MLD for:
Obesity, Strees, Allergies, Cystic Breast, Eczema, Bloating, Immune enhancement(detoxification), Liposuction, Fibromyalgia, Cellulite/lipedema, Pre & post Operative, Swelling, Bruising.

MLD is proven to be effect for ALL SURGERY PATIENTS.
it is especially effective for plastic surgery procedures such as:

Its benefits include:
Reduced post operative edema.
INcreased production of lymphocytes
reduced post operative risks.
Reduce need for heavy pain medication
Reduced contour irregularities associated with liposuction and tummy tucks.
Quicker return to normal life.
MLD provides optimal benefits when incorporated into your patient’s pre and post surgical regimens.
The resulting increase in lymphatic transport volume facilitates reabsorption of excess protein molecules, cellular debris, and waste products that may have accumulated in the interstitial spaces of our patient’s dermis due to fatigue, stress, infections, medications, alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of physical activity, or age.
By reducing the presence of large, hydrophilic protein molecules, and potential sources of inflammation, your patients experience less post surgical swelling and less opportunity for infection.
MLD increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the interstitium.
3 to 5 treatments are recommended, starting as soon as 24-hours after surgery.

Treatment of problems: LYMPHEDEMA
Lymphedema patients are constantly frustrated, as they clearly face a major problem, yet cannot find answers to reduce a swollen limb.
The most frequently given advise to elevate the limb, wear and elastic sleeve or stocking, avoid salt and take diuretics.
Sequential pumps are sometimes recommended and while they may give some relief, the benefits are short lived.
Surgery has never solved the problems of Lymphedema, even thug dozens of different operations have been recommended and thousands of patients have been operated.
specialized liposuction for advanced lymphedema of the extremity.
Patients who have limbs which no longer adequately respond to standard lymphatic compression therapy may be candidates for liposuction specifically adapted to treat this advanced condition.
this technique has been pioneered by Dr. Hakan Brorson in Malmo, Sweden.
However, a significant limitation of the technique is that currently the procedure must be followed by lifelong use of compression garments to prevent a recurrence of the lymhedema.
The liposuction appears to be an effective method of reducing the size and stiffness of the affected extremity.
On DR. Vodder Combined Decongestive Therapy offers a practical and long lasting solution to the millions of lymphedema suffered throughout the country.

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