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Drainage Problems Surfside
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Surfside Homes by the Sea is a beach front community that has closed the pool so two mallards can raise their thirteen chicks.
The Board even used homeowners monies to use a child safety hold on for the main pool and childrens pool and now use it for the thirteen chicks to climb in and out of both the childrens and main pool which in turn, creates the same health problem to the community as in 2009 and 2010.

Homeowners arent notified of the closure either through the community newspaper or any sign posted as for the reason they shut down the pool which is for the duck family, who at last check, do not pay dues.

This is a community of 330 homeowners in a community next door to Newport Beach.

Part of the homeowners rights, is to use the pool since they own it in partnership and maintain it, using dues to maintain the pool fit for human use.

In the year 2009 and 2010 the health department shut down the south pool for health reasons resulting from the duck droppings.

The pools were shut down for three months and longer, due to having the entire surface of the pool area sand blasted when the ducks left.

Both pools had to be drained and sand blasted and this to a pool which the Association spent close to 0,000 a few years ago for a new pool.

Both pools and pool area also had to meet Department of Health regulations regarding any health endangerment.

There are many remedies to discourage any bird from coming back year after year, yet this Board apparently would rather ban 330 homeowners use of the pool (including family and guests and events) and create a health hazard to the community) and also use homeowners monies to allow two ducks and their 13 chicks to take over the pool, year after year.

JUNE 17, 2011,,Sign posted on LO0CKED SOUTH POOL directs HOMEOWNERS to call DAVID RAINER of MERITPM.COM, MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT, that HOMEOWNERS pay to OVERSEE the Board, made up of Homeowners and lay people.


THIS WILL GO BEFORE THE JUDGE IN NOVEMBER for derlict of duty by both MERITPM and the Board in defying the ccrs that state the Board is entrusted to take care of the project for the 330 HOMEOWNERS, and not to turn a recently renovated (0,000) into a BIRD sanctuary.


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