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A building foundation is essential to having a safe and marketable Fort Meade, Maryland structure. However, foundations often develop cracks and fissures, which cause a need for Fort Meade Maryland foundation repair. There are many visible signs to determine if you need foundation repair, and advice that you can use to maintain a Fort Meade MD foundation before you need to repair it.

The most common culprit for foundation damage in Fort Meade Maryland is water. Water is in the soil naturally, and causes problems if the foundation has been improperly prepared. Soil can have many different compositions of minerals, but the one that causes the biggest need for foundation repair in Fort Meade Maryland is clay. Clay can absorb and release water just like soil can, but clay has a tendency to expand or contract. If some of the soil under your Fort Meade MD foundation has more clay in it than other parts, expect foundation repair to be inevitability. This can cause your foundation to crack, doors in your building to not shut properly, and slope floors. After you see these signs, you will eventually need Fort Meade Maryland foundation repair.

There are two common types of Fort Meade Maryland foundations, called slab foundations and pier foundations. A slab foundation is cheaper and easier to build, but is thin and can crack easily. Foundation repair in Fort Meade Maryland can fix cracks found in slab foundations, and prevent them from happening again. Pier foundations are anchored at several points to the ground, and the actual foundation is a few feet above the ground. This type of Fort Meade MD foundation has a crawlspace underneath. This type of foundation is used to prevent the need for foundation repair, but it is still susceptible if the piers are not well-anchored.

Before you want to do any foundation repair in Fort Meade Maryland, you need to know what caused the problem. If you proceed with the Fort Meade Maryland foundation repair without fixing the underlying problem, the cracks and settling are bound to return shortly after the repair. Look for some of the aforementioned symptoms, like cracks in drywall, cracked bricks, sloped floors and windows that are difficult to open and shut. This will tell you if you need to conduct foundation repair for lateral movement or vertical movement.

In Fort Meade MD, foundation repair used to be very experimental; with different contractors having their own way to do foundation repair. More often than not, this resulted in a poor foundation repair in Fort Meade Maryland. There are a few acceptable modern techniques of foundation repair, with the most common being “slab jacking” and “pier setting.”

Slab jacking is the most commonly used form of Fort Meade Maryland foundation repair, which involves pumping concrete through drilled holes in the slab. This fills the voids under the foundation and levels out the concrete slab.

For more intensive foundation repairs in Fort Meade MD, pier setting is used. This involves installing additional piers that jack up the foundation in places where it has settled. After the beam is jacked up, the pier is anchored deep into the ground, where moisture will not affect the level of the beam. This proves especially useful for all Fort Meade, Maryland foundation repairs that need extensive work.

Conducting foundation repair in Fort Meade Maryland can be costly and time-consuming, but if you research potential causes and other relevant information, the foundation repair will go smoothly and will not need to be repeated.

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