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Austin Home Foundation Repair – Pier and Beam Home Foundation Maintenance Tips
Central Texas, with its clay-based soil, can cause big problems for foundations — both slab and pier and beam. These soils expand during wet weather and contract during dry weather. When the soil moves, your home foundation (and house) moves with it.

This movement is inevitable, but here are some steps you can take to extend the life of your home foundation and save money on repairs:

Proper drainage is crucial — don’t let water accumulate under a pier and beam. house, especially around piers (standing water will cause piers to sink). Be aware of pools of water caused by plumbing or AC leaks.
The ground around the house needs to slope downward and away from the house to aid runoff.
Don’t over-water lawns and shrubs.
Adjust the amount of water used on lawns and shrubs depending on the weather — more in dry weather, less in wet weather.
Don’t let water pool within 15 feet of the house.
Don’t plant trees too close to the house; they suck moisture out of the ground, causing the soil to dry out. This can cause pier and beam foundation problems, and the roots can cause pier movement and damage.
Keep rain gutters clean and well maintained.
Water, but don’t over-water the ground around the perimeter of your house (also beware of cracks in the soil around the house during dry weather).
Get your house regularly inspected for termites and other destructive insects; they can eat away at the underside (joists, beams, flooring) of a pier and beam house.
Austin Home Foundation Repair. Keep vines and shrubs from growing too close to the perimeter of the house.
If the grade around the house can’t be changed to allow for proper drainage, install a moisture barrier (at least 5 feet deep) or a French drain.

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