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This is the English version of “How to replace Galvanized Pipe to Copper Pipe”, by Dr. Zhang and Mr. Zhang
We also have the same topic of Chinese version http://handymanfix.com/how-to-replace-galvanized-pipe-to-copper-pipe-chinese-version/
5. Cut galvanized Pipe
5.1. strategic
Cut strategic places, minimize number of cuts.
5.2. Plugs and Caps
Use plugs and caps to temporarily block the water supply to different parts of the house rather than completely cutting the water supply. This is to reduce the stress on your family.
See diagram.
6. Cut Copper
6.1. Mark it
6.2. Double check
7. Solder
7.1. Safety
7.2. Practice first
7.3. sand it
7.4. Flux
7.5. Heat
7.6. Apply lead
7.7. How to re-do it
8. Re-connect
8.1. Single bathroom
If you are only replacing the pipes for one bathroom or kitchen, you may re-connect them right away.
8.1.1. Dielectric coupling
If you are doing a long term galvanized-copper connection, then use dielectric coupling.

8.2. Bypass
If you want to replace the complete house, you need to first make sure you completely understand the way the plumbing is laid out and which parts of the house will have to be without water at the same time. If two bathrooms are connected, as in this diagram here, it is best to keep both shut down until you are completely finished with both. This is because with water trapped inside the copper pipe, it takes long time to heat the copper pipe and is difficult to solder securely. Still, you need to have one to use, so if you do not have an additional bathroom, this may be a difficulty you will face.

8.3. Last Connection
You need to drain the water before any soldering.
8.3.1. Joint need to be Higher without water trapped inside
8.3.2. vertical
Choose a vertical pipe instead of horizontal pipe at the new joint.

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