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Water damage is a terrible thing to go through; however, it helps to know that Plumbers FL Services will be there quickly and efficiently when needed. Christian and Carlos make a great team. They are friendly, polite, and hard working. They are a credit to the Plumbers FL, and I’m glad they were here to help me. Thank you Christian and Carlos and the Plumbers FL crew. I always call Plumbers FL, and recommend their services to neighbors and friends. Thank you.


We have used Plumbers Florida many times in the past. The technicians are always pleasant, professional and do outstanding work. Our last experience was with William who went above and beyond our expectations. His communication skills and advise were spot on. As well as just a really, really nice man!!!

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Part 1 of a Two Part video! Fix Mr Heater Vent Free Pilot Outage Problems. We woke up to a cold house and quickly realized that the pilot on the Mr Heater four plaque vent free wall heater had failed. Since this is our only real heat source for the trailer, it was a disappointment to find that it had malfunctioned. Quick research showed that it was either a plugged orifice in the pilot light or a failure of the thermocouple. If it were indeed a blocked orifice, it is simple to repair. To repair this problem is little work. Just a small, quick job. Remove the pilot assembly, soak only the orifice in Isopropyl alcohol for about 10 minutes. After ten minutes remove the pilot assembly and gently blow the pilot orifice out with no more than 30 lbs air pressure.
Warning: DO NOT try to poke wire or anything else through the orifice! It WILL damage the orifice and you will have to replace it before you can use the heater once again.
If cleaning the orifice with alcohol fails to correct the problem, the most likely problem is a dead thermocouple. If the thermocouple is not functioning, you must replace the pilot assembly which is the only way you can replace the thermocouple.
Once the orifice has been cleaned or the pilot assembly has been replaced, reassemble the wall heater unit, reconnect the gas line, turn on the gas and relight the pilot light. This will correct 95% of vent free wall heaters that fail. The procedure is the same for Natural Gas or LPG (Propane) although Propane seems to clog the orifice more often than Natural gas does.
This basic procedure works for most of the newer Vent-Free Wall Heaters, Fireplaces and Gas Logs heaters made by Mr Heater, DESA International, Enerco, FMI and sold as Glow Warm, Comfort Glow, Hearth Side Designs, Vanguard, Sears, Grainger and more.

Watch “Fix Mr Heater Vent Free Pilot Problems – Part 2”:

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