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Greetings Citizens of Australia,

We are Anonymous.

Recently in Mackay, Queensland, a young 24 year old girl was picked up on a public street in Mackay whilst minding her own business and was then, subjected to a horrifying ordeal of being repeatedly raped by the 2 police officers who handcuffed her in the back of the police vehicle.

Each police officer, took turns in repeatedly raping her again and again and again and again and again yes that is 5 times each a total of 10 times.

What the public does not know is that the injuries the young 24 year old girl sustained, we’re so severe that the courts ordered a suppression on this information including other facts that would cause an outrage in Australia.

What is unbelievable about this case, is that the judge presiding over this case namely, Judge Damien Dwyer of the Mackay District court, granted these 2 police officer bail, allowing them to be able to freely walk the streets and have the freedom to do what they wish,however, the same judge has refused bail in almost every other occasion set before him with lessor offences in the past.

The charges of 5 counts of rape each, One count of deprivation of liberty for handcuffing the innocent young girl and one count of assault with intent to commit rape we’re all read out in court, but yet, to everyone’s surprise, each suspended police officer was still granted bail.

Recently Queensland has introduced tough new sexual offence laws including tough bail laws, however, these 2 suspended police officers just walked out of court like someone who had just been bailed for a minor offence.

These suspended police officers are still receiving tax payers wages, and anonymous has reports of witnesses being threatened and harassed by other police about this case.

What kind of a country allows not only suspects like this with such gross and serious charges to walk free and back into the community, but to pay them a weekly wage with tax payers money, where so many witnesses are involved and action by the police ethical standards immediately suspends them, having privy to facts
the public do not.

Anonymous does not find this horrifying case of sexual assault by members of our police force the least bit comfortable, especially since these officers have so far 7 serious sex offences against them and are able to still receive a tax payers wage and are able to walk freely with so many witnesses know to police.

Anonymous is calling for a peaceful march from all concerned Australian’s in Mackay and to all those who can attend this march on the 9 of May 2014 which will coincide with the court appearance date of these two suspended police officers, to show public calling for these two suspended officers to be withheld into custody and refused bail and to show support to the 24 year old victim.

This peaceful march will start at 08:30am at the public car park on lot 160 Brisbane street Mackay corner of river street, opposite bridges restaurant on river street Mackay.

This march will then proceed following the same route the 24 year old victim walked the night she was unlawfully withheld by these 2 police officers and then will proceed onto the Mackay court house at about 09:15am, where we will congregate for about
20 minutes together and then return back to the original assembly point.

This peaceful march has already been registered with the Mackay police station and the Mackay city council.

Anonymous believes that this show of public support and outrage, will send a clear message that criminal offences like this should be dealt with in the same manner no matter if the suspects are police officers or any other member of the public and
to protest about suspects of such a crime from a public servant should not continue to receive a tax payers funded wage and lastly, to show support for the victim and to bring attention to this gross case of breach of trust our community is now concerned about, since the suspects in this case are by the very people whom are to protect and serve the public against such heinous crimes.

We hope to see you all on the 9th of may,

we are anonymous,
we are legion,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
expect us


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