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M18 Force Logic Press Tool 2673-22 Review

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In a competitive market, plumbers and mechanical contractors must look to time and cost saving solutions to stay competitive and profitable.

We recently tool a look at the Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Press Tool and put it in the hands of our plumbing editor, Scott Robillard for feedback.
Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool 2673-22
What is a Press Tool?

A press tool is used to press join pipe. The tool using clamping force to make a connection, eliminating the need to solder, groove, braze, thread, or weld. Press tolls are arguably 50% faster than traditional methods, and involve no open flame. Most importantly, press eliminates the need to drain and dry a system, enabling fast repairs.
Press-Connect Joining of Pipe

Press-connect joining of copper pipes, called “press-fit,” have become a quick, safe and reliable way to join copper pipe, assuring a clean, permanent, watertight seal than the traditional time-consuming soldering method. It is designed for potable water and hydronic heat applications.

Press-connect joining originate in the 1950’s in Europe and caught on in the United States in the late 1990s. Since then, there has been growing acceptance among plumbers, who rave about the speed and excellent results and labor costs. Not to mention the lack of soldering near combustible hazards, insulation or in wooden cavities significantly reduces fire risk.

Press-connect joining take advantage of copper’s excellent malleability and its proven increased strength when cold worked. The joints rely on the sealing capability of a special fitting that contains an elastomeric gasket or seal and require a pressing tool and appropriately sized press jaws.
Press Tool Fittings

Press Jaws and Rings provide quality press connections on all major fitting brands including:

ProPress™ Systems
Grinnell® G-Press copper systems

Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool
Fast and Efficient – Just ask a Plumber who uses one

ACC Plumber, Scott Robillard, from SR Plumbing and Heating, started using pressing tools just for maintenance and installations. “The Milwaukee press tool allows me to get jobs done twice as fast, and its safer and easier than soldering,” Stated Robillard.

Scott likes to use the Milwaukee M12 copper tubing cutter and press tool combined, “you can complete an entire hot water change out before someone could even drain and dry a system. For me, this can mean getting an extra job in that day, which means more money.”
M18 Force Logic Press Tool Features

The M18 Force Logic Press tool weighs 8 pounds and measures 16.8 inches long and will press 1/2 to 4-inch copper pipe. Milwaukee also just launched jaws & rings in October 2014 that work on schedule 5 – schedule 40 black pipe. They are used on Viega MegaPress fittings and can be used on gas.

The Milwaukee Force Logic Press tool features a one-handed, in-line design access to tight spots, and the press jaws are designed to open using just one thumb, optimizing one-handed use. This tool allows you to press up to 4″- up to 50% faster than soldering a 4” joint.

The M18 Force Logic™ Press Tool monitors the force output to ensure consistent, secure pipe joints and provide the user peace of mind by litening to the pressing operation and visually verifying a proper press with a green light.

This tool requires service every 40,000 crimps. It was designed to work with Milwaukee’s REDLINK™ Technology. Redlink™ Intelligence monitor the force output to ensure quality connections and provide the user peace of mind by visually indicating both a secure connection and when the tool needs calibration.

• Weight 8.0 lbs
• Length 16.8 – inches
• Balanced, in-line design suitable for one-handed use
• Press indicator provides visual assurance of a quality connection
• Industry leading 40,000 Cycles between calibration inspections
• Interchangeable jaws enable the quick adjustments from 1/2″ – 2″. Rings enable use up to 4″
• 18 volt
• Battery M18 Red-lithium
• Tool Warranty 5 years
• Jaw Warranty 2 years
• Battery Warranty 3 years
• Charge time 1 hour
• Width 4.8”
• Force 7,200 pounds

Staying competitive means keeping up with current technology and finding efficient ways to do your job better than was done in years past.

Plumbers and mechanical contractors must look to time and cost saving solutions like press connections to not only save time, reduce liability, wear and tear on their body as well as increase productivity and profitability. The Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool accomplishes all of that and cuts your labor in half.

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