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Top 6 Questions That Can Help You Select The Best Plumbing Contractor

It can be a challenge to select the best plumber for your specific needs if you have several plumbing companies to choose from. However, asking the right questions will help you in selecting the best contractor for the task. If you are thinking of hiring a plumber, then the questions mentioned below will assist you in picking a skilled and qualified professional to suit your needs.

1. Ask for estimates?

Always insist on a written estimate with complete details. This will allow you to compare multiple contractors more accurately. Contractors usually take extra money for services provided in weekends or in the nighttime. Getting a detailed estimate will help you in determining the best cost-to-benefit ratio you will be getting from that contractor.

Carefully scrutinize the estimate and make sure to clear all your doubts because there can be contractors who “fudge the numbers” to make their estimate look more attractive. They will not provide all the details, and later you will find that you are liable to pay much more than you expected or anticipated, just because you didn’t read the fine print or missed the hidden fees.

2. Are they licensed and insured?

All legitimate plumbers are supposed to be licensed. A license means that they are authorized by the state to provide their services in your area. The process of being licensed involves substantial training, testing, and qualifications. Therefore, working with fully licensed professionals that have proper qualifications and certifications is a must.

When it comes to insurance you will have plenty of options to choose from. Every legitimate plumber will offer multiple types of insurance. These may include liability insurance and worker’s comp policy, but all of them will offer you some kind of protection in form of insurance when you decide to hire them.

However, there can be some cheats who will make false claims. Therefore, you should always ask them for proper documentation, and then verify the validity of those documents. This will also help you in finding if there are any lodged complaints against the contractor in question.

3. Do they perform background checks on their employees?

There are many contractors who have absolutely zero work experience because they forward their work to qualified subcontractors. Therefore, you must inquire about exactly who is going to show up for performing the work. You must ask them about the background checks they have performed on their employees.

The last thing you want is to get surprised by someone that is not completely trustworthy. You must feel confident and secure about the people who will be working in your home, in the early hours of the morning or late at night. This is a critical detail that you should never overlook.

4. Who will be responsible for the cleanup?

Plumbing jobs can be messy. Therefore, to ensure the cleanliness and protection of your property you must ask about the clean-up responsibilities. Although all plumbers value their reputation and will do the best they can to clean-up their project, there will be some who will do a much better job than others.

Therefore, it’s imperative for you to outline your expectations and tell them what you can and cannot accept when the work is performed or is completed. It’s better to finalize the outline expectations in writing before the work is started. This will save you any type of headache or hassle in the future.

5. What is their call response time?

Standard call response time depends on a company, but it can range from immediate to a few minutes to a couple of hours. Obviously, there are factors that influence response time, such as daytime, nighttime, weekdays, or weekends. Also, it’s important to consider how far the plumber is based.

6. Ask about warranties?

The best of plumbers are always ready to offer some type of warranty with their work. It means if there are any problems with the work, the company will fix it for free. However, you need to get the warranty details in writing before you approve the work to begin. Additionally, you can ask them about what you can do to make sure that the same problem doesn’t happen again.


While these questions will surely help you select the most trustworthy plumber from the group, you can check how we stack up to the competition. We are a highly reputed company offering a wide range of plumbing repairs, services, and installations. Give us a call today for more information.

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