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Hi Everyone I am talking about the food that I think is good for your pets, Cats and Dogs. I believe that cats and dogs should eat no grain food and if you can make the food it’s better so i will include a recipe from an AMAZING veterinarian DR. LISA PIERSON DVM, She explains in her website about the raw diet and she also has a wet cat food that I have made for my cats that is wonderful and I want to share it with you!!! I also make my own all natural dry Dog food!!! If you are interested please email me.
Thank you so much for watching!!!

**I have copied and pasted below the recipe word for word from DR. Pierson’s website***
Please go to DR. PIERSON”S WEBSITE to read more about cat and dog Nutrition and to understand and get the full recipe. Here is the link


3 pounds of poultry thigh meat/bones/skin (NOTE: all the amounts of ingredients is for 3 pounds of meat)
2.25 lbs of whole carcass ground rabbit + 0.75 lbs of boneless chicken or turkey meat/skin/fat (see reasons above):
-1 cup water (or, preferably, more if your cat will eat it with more water)
-2 eggs – use the yolk raw but lightly cook the white
-5000 mg fish oil (a good source of essential fatty acids – note that this is increased from the original amount of 2,000 mg – if your cat does not like fish, it is ok to use only 2,000 mg) Do NOT use cod liver oil!
-400 IU (268 mg) Vitamin E (powdered E in capsules is the easiest to use)
-50 mg Vitamin B-complex (capsules or tablets)
-2,000 mg taurine (use powdered – either in capsules or loose)
-3/4 tsp Morton Lite salt with iodine when using chicken but not when using rabbit (contains potassium and sodium – make sure that it contains iodine – see below for further explanation.)
-For people living outside of the United States who cannot source Morton Lite Salt with iodine, use 1/2 tsp of regular salt (sodium chloride) with iodine.
-Liver – If using ground rabbit (which includes liver) from wholefoods4pets.com, do not add additional liver. If using chicken legs, thighs or a whole chicken carcass minus the organs, add 4 ounces of chicken livers per 3 lb of meat/bones/skin.

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