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Traditional Chilean seafood on a boat restaurant in Valparaiso.

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Caleta Portales
Phone: (56)625614

Caleta Portales is a restaurant specializing in seafood right on the beach front. The restaurant has excellent views of the beach and the city. “We have chosen to focus on traditional food.” I have a lot of seafood before me. It is over whelming, so we are going to take this step by step. This is an appitizer called jardin de la mariscos, or garden of seafood. It has ten types of cold seafood. Shrimp, choitos, crab, locos, kikoroko, oysters, machas, chivicha de covina, the white fish cooked in lemon juice with onion and biute’, which is considered an afrodesiac, because it is very high on iodine. Many of these are only found on the Chilean coast. That is why there is no translation.

“The Seafood Garden (Jardin de Mariscos), is delicious but my favorite is the grilled seafood (Parrillada de Mariscos). It has oysters, shrimp, kalamari, machas, kikoroko, choritos and locos. For the fish we has salmon and marloosa, another Chilean type of seafood. Now we are going to try combia bortalias, which is the specialty of the house. It is a white fish in a seafood sauce with mushrooms and shrimp. As always, you must accompany seafood with a delicious white wine. And Chile has many. At Caleta Portales, the drink of the house is Bisto Sour. The special recipe they prepare with lime. That really makes a difference. This ship sails everyday from twelve o’clock to eleven o’clock. On weekends be sure to make reservations.

The average price of a meal for one person is 8 thousand pesos, wine included. Here at Caleta Portales, you can also get the menu in English. It is ten minutes away from the historical center of Valparaiso. It is easily accessible by buses, taxi and it even has a metro station right outside. If you want to watch Valparaiso’s famous firework shows, on New Years Eve, be sure to make a reservation here at Caleta Portales, in October. I am Helia Goodman, showing you Valparaiso.

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Call Us Today: 727-228-3350
Call Us Today: 727-228-3350
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