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Get informed on the reverse osmosis process and why reverse osmosis systems are the most recommended solution for people looking for a higher level of water purification in their homes.

Hello again. I’m Jeremy Link, Service Manager for Superior Water and Air, proudly serving Utah’s water treatment needs.

OK. Today, we’re going to be talking about reverse osmosis. Most of the reverse osmosis systems now are self-encapsulated filters, meaning that they’re never exposed to bacteria prior to installation.

If you’ve got one of the older canister style units, feel free to give us a call at Superior Water and Air. We can help.

Most residential systems work in the same manner. They have a pre-filter or a combo pre-filter which will take out the heavier sediment and the chemicals out of your water before it reaches the membrane. The membrane is where the magic happens. This is the separation of waste water to product water. It is usually a three-to-one ratio.

So if you’ve got more water running to the tank than the drain, you’ve probably got some problems. Once the separation has happened, it sends the waste water to drain and the good water to your holding tank.

The holding tank is usually a bladder style system that has exterior air pressure to help push the water out of the tank when you initiate use from a spigot.

So once you initiate use from the spigot or separate faucet at your kitchen sink, the water is then forced out of the tank by external air pressure from the bladder style holding tank and then pass through the post-carbon and delivered to you.

If this is not working properly by means of no production, no delivery or very little delivery, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to take a look and see how we can help.

Thanks for watching and have a superior day.

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