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Mike Hoffmaster – Business Development Manager of Pleasants Construction Compamy of Clarsburg, Maryland with an Overview of the Janssen Lateral Rehabilitation System

Project Location – City of Frederick – South Western Sewer Collection System at Crestview Development – Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Janssen Lateral Rehabilitation System consists of a packer with a side opening from which an inflatable piston guided by tv cameras is extended into the lateral connection. Packer and the side piston are then expanded to the cross section of their specific pipe. The side bladder extends deep into the lateral pipe and forms a homogenous T with the packer in the main pipe. The resin is then injected and seals any cracks, holes, breaks, or the like. The cross section is fully maintained. Any voids in the soil around the pipe are filled with the hardening resin, thus solidifying the soil and guaranteeing the structural integrity of lateral and main pipe. The innovative Janssen Lateral Rehabilitation System is the only such process in the world to repair cracks, breaks below or around the joint with the lateral pipe in one step.


Infiltration is groundwater, or groundwater that is influenced by surface or sea water, that enters sewer pipes (interceptors, collectors, manholes (MH), or side sewers) through holes, breaks, joint failures, connection failures and other openings. Infiltration quantities often exhibit seasonal variation in response to groundwater levels. Storm events can trigger a rise in groundwater levels and increase infiltration flows. The highest infiltration flows are observed following significant storm events or following prolonged periods of precipitation. Since infiltration is related to the total amount of piping and appurtenances in the ground and not to any specified water use component, it is usually expressed in terms of the total land area being served, or in terms of the lengths and diameters of sewer pipe. The unit quantity used in this study is gallons per acre per day (GPAD). See picture above for a graphical view of the sources of infiltration.


Inflow is surface water that enters the wastewater system from yard, roof and footing drains, from cross-connections with storm drains, downspouts, and through holes in manhole covers. Inflow occurs as a result of storm events such as rainfall, snowfall, springs or snow melt that contribute to excessive sewer flows. Peak inflow can occur during heavy storm events when storm sewer systems are surcharged, resulting in hydraulic backups and local ponding. See picture above for a graphical view of the sources of inflow.

Mike also talks about exhibiting at the Tri-Con Meeting in Ocean City, Maryland in August 2012 and the benefits.

Mike can be reached at 301-428-0800 or email [email protected]

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