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35 – Dave Clark covers an HRA format requirement: Areas Of Interest. The Navy subdivided the island into geographical Areas of Interest “that sort of make sense” to look at the entire Naval base one section at a time.

He first discussed Area of Interest One [AOI 1] covering three buildings on the Clipper Cove side of the island near the connector with Yerba Buena Island. Those three buildings are originals, part of the 1939 Exposition. The Navy kept them, and three of them are still there.

Building 3 was the ‘Frontier Base, a ship salvage port. In March, 1942, at the beginning of World War Ii, the buildings were the same as in the Exposition.

Going forward into the Second World War, you got a flurry of activity. Building 3, called a Frontier Base by the Navy, acquired piers, overhaul and salvage, the ability to do “significant repairs,” including most likely the capacity to clean radiation off ships caught in the Bikini atoll bomb test blasts. “You see pieces of ships going on back and forth inside that building, says Clark.”

Building 3 had the optical shop on the top floor. In the optical shop, they used strontium-90- a radionuclide employed in making glass.

In 1947, things wind down. Building 3 lost it’s Frointier Base status. In in the late ’60s, the optical shop was torn down. Dave shows an old schematic of the optical shop floor plan with the drain depicted as a hole in the floor where radionuclide material was rinsed into the Island sewer system, prompting the Navy to Impact both the buildings and the pipeline and outfall into the Bay.

The Navy will impact Building 3 because of World War II activity, though Dave never explains the exact nature of the radioactivity coming from the ship repair area. Further impacted will be the optical shop, and the sewer line carrying radioactive waste down Avenue M to the outfall beside the Water Treatment Plant in the Bay.

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