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Condominium rain downspout trenchless pipe repair & sewer drain pipe lining restoration explained. http://www.craftsmanpipelining.com/category/how_it_works/

As sure as death itself, after about 30 years the old vertical sewer pipes in apartment high rise condominiums will rust and crack along the length of the pipe. The sewer water will leak into walls and cause some serious damage. Since all the building’s sewer stack have the same age and the same environmental conditions (water flow rates, materials, humidity), the remaining pipes soon leak after the first one. The easiest solution is apartment high rise condominium pipe lining.

Most apartment high rise condominiums start off by making individual plumbing repairs by moving cabinets, mirrors etc. and cutting open concrete and drywall surfaces, replacing the leaking section of pipe, then repairing the wall or entire sections of walls if they had water damage.

A cleaner, faster and less expensive way to replace these vertical leaking stacks is by “cured-in-place pipe” lining (CIPP).

How Is Vertical Pipe Lining Installed?

Clean the apartment high rise condominium vertical pipes – there are essentially two ways to do this. The first, by using a high pressure water jetter, is somewhat dangerous as the brittle leaking cast iron pipes may leak or break allowing the high pressure water jetter to cause serious damage or even injury to residents! The second and more safe way is to use an assortment of proprietary steel brushes that are passed through the pipe allowing the corrosion and scale to fall to the bottom of the apartment high rise condominium pipe where it is collected and removed.
Use a pipe video inspection camera to measure the length of pipe lining needed and where the pipe connections are – these measurements are used to cut the new inner lining material to precise length, and to cut access point in the material for where incoming pipe connections are. So the entire length of pipe is lined, exept for the small area where a pipe connection is. (there is a method used more rarely due to its cost and time consumption that lines the entire pipe, covering up incoming pipe connections, after which a robotic cutter is sent into the lined pipe to precisely cut open the pipe connections. see this video – click here
Once the fabric liner is cut to size, it is saturated with self-hardening resin. The pipe liner is then either pulled into the pipe or “shot” into the pipe with air and left to cure for 3-4 hours. It is only during this brief cure time that the apartment high rise condominium stack cannot be used by the residents in the apartments.
Once the liner is fully cured, the new apartment high rise condominium pipe is video inspected to make sure installation was perfect.

Vertical Sewer Pipe Lining
Are you experiencing frequent sewage backups? Do you have to repeatedly pay the drain rooter company to unclog your drains? The option of excavating the walls to replace these pipes is very inconvenient, messy, expensive and time consuming.
The only permanent way to solve the problem is to replace the broken or cracked sewer pipe, or to install a new physical inner pipe lining. No matter whether you have cast iron sewer pipes that are cracked or have missing pipe floors or clay sewer pipes with entire sections missing, sewer pipe lining is designed to form a new durable inner pipe.

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