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A detailed look into the different cost factors used in a sewer line installation and how much the average sewer line replacement should cost in NYC
Read more here http://www.harriswatermainandsewers.com/news/article/cost-of-sewer-line-repair-in-the-5-boroughs-of-nyc

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There are six main factors associated with preparing an estimate for replacing a sewer line in the five boroughs of NYC. Most of these variables must be determined with a visit to the property, there are several factors that the estimator must measure and include in his numbers when pricing each job. It is also important to view the layout of the property and locate the city main to understand exactly how the new water line will be installed.
Most sewer line replacements will include 40′ of new extra heavy cast iron pipe that will be installed from the city sewer line in the roadway, to the house. the cost for the material may range from 00-00 pending the amount of pipe being installed and the size of the pipe. the majority of sewer lines installed in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx will require 6″ pipe, unless working in Manhattan which will require 8″ pipe.

The most costly factor of a sewer line replacement is the labor, this includes the onsite plumbers, backhoes, compressors, tucks etc. Most sewer line installations will take anywhere from 2-3 days and will account for half of the total cost for the total sewe line estimate.

There are standard permits that must be obtained for all sewer installations which are required by NYC for all jobs. The permit fees are fixed prices ranging from 0-0 pending when the roadway was most recently paved.

The average city sewer is located 12′-19′ from the city curb line which usually results in a 11’6.5′ section of the roadway being opened. The total cost for restoring the section of roadway that has been opened for the new sewer line ranges form 0-50 pending when the roadway was most recently paved by the city. If the city has paved the roadway within the previous 5 years, there may be an additional cost of 0-0 associated with the restoration process.

It is common that anywhere from 2-6 flags of concrete on the city sidewalk and the property will be broken during the excavation process. The average cost to restore the disturbed areas ranges from 0 to 00.

If a city tree is located within 50′ of the area being excavated, there is a possibility of the Parks Department requiring a special permit as well as a certified Arborists on-site for the excavation. The arborist will advise the contractor where and how he can dig to protect the city tree from being damaged. The average cost is from 0-00 pending the amount of time required on the jobsite.

The total cost has several variables pending the factors mentioned above. The average sewer line replacement will cost anywhere from ,500- ,000. If you are looking to repair a small section of the sewer line, the cost may range from ,500- ,500.
Note- it is common to find that restrictive working hours and challenging working conditions may result in additional charges that are not included in this article. It is common to find these conditions in Manhattan and certain areas of the Bronx.

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