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Water damage is a terrible thing to go through; however, it helps to know that Plumbers FL Services will be there quickly and efficiently when needed. Christian and Carlos make a great team. They are friendly, polite, and hard working. They are a credit to the Plumbers FL, and I’m glad they were here to help me. Thank you Christian and Carlos and the Plumbers FL crew. I always call Plumbers FL, and recommend their services to neighbors and friends. Thank you.


We have used Plumbers Florida many times in the past. The technicians are always pleasant, professional and do outstanding work. Our last experience was with William who went above and beyond our expectations. His communication skills and advise were spot on. As well as just a really, really nice man!!!

Unclogging Hialeah Gardens
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With the day before (Saturday) being a pretty slow day with many trains that normally run didn’t run, plus the fact that the River Line would be shutting down from 10:00 – 20:00, I knew that everything was in place for a great morning. Got out early enough where I didn’t really miss much prior to getting out and then had plenty of time to set up for my first train; K684 which sported a GEVO and C40-8W for power. After that Q161 and Q434 from the day before came through. As you can hear from some of the radio chatter captured in this video, the Q434 had a lot of trouble getting moving, “Too much train, not enough power,” as the dispatcher referred to it I think. Q161 and Q434 both met Q010 at Nyack (CP22) and then held at Valley Cottage (CP26) where they held for Q409-26 (another train from the day before). There was about an hour seperation between Q010 and Q409. When Q409-26 finally showed up, I had moved down to Teaneck to get some shots of Q410-23 with a CSX GEVO, 2 CEFX, and 2 CSX C40-8W’s for power sitting next to the Q410-22 with a YN2 duo that had been sitting in Teaneck outlawed since early Saturday morning and stayed there until about late Sunday night. (How tomorrow moves…) Right after the headend of Q409 passed me, I moved up to Dumont, NJ to catch the Q410 rolling by at track speed. My buddy was at the throttle and he gave me a little hornshow. After that I relaxed for a bit knowing that it would take a little while for that Q410 to get up and onto the siding at CP22 and then for a southbound parade consisting of; Q417-26, Q268, K042 and Q008 to get down. I stayed in Dumont, NJ for it all. Q417 had been going slow because they thought the switch was in motor at CP10 and they would need the dispatcher to talk them by the stop signal…however, that wasn’t the case but it still clogged up all the southbounds causing them to wait for Approach signals at Automatic 13 (where I was) before proceeding further south. K042 brought the lashup of the day; BNSF SD70ACe 9354 and BNSF SD70MAC 9583 in BN Executive paint. Not bad… And to top it off the engines were screaming coming through 13 and I also got a really friendly crew at the throttle. The conductor posed for numerous pictures, gave me a hornshow, then tossed me a piece of paper with his e-mail address on it so I could send him the pictures. You can sort of see him throwing it out the window to me… And then Q008 followed right behind to end the day. Q008 was running for free and brought a nice lashup to. The signal at showed clear for a NB after Q008’s rear end cleared the signal which confirmed to me that there were no more southbounds following and I called it a day and left the tracks. For the best quality watch in HD 1080p and I hope you enjoy!

K684 07:42
Q161 07:52
Q434 08:14
Q010 08:55
Q410-22 (outlawed in Teaneck, NJ on the middle siding for about 36 hours)
Q409-26 09:52
Q410-23 10:10
Q417-26 10:56
Q268 11:17
K040 11:40
Q008 11:53

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