A+ Home Show | Plumbing Basics: Installing/Resetting A Toilet

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Videos
A+ Home Show | Plumbing Basics: Installing/Resetting A Toilet

Nick and Kendra Carpenter show you how to install/reset your toilet on this week’s episode of the A+ Home Show. A+ Building Maintenance & Home Repair. Toledo Handyman Services.

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  1. Henry Spinner says:

    Very useful info man thanks

  2. dakota davison says:

    Ahaha! thanks for the tips! 

  3. Scott Hildenbrand says:

    For closet flanges screwed down on top of the finished floor, it works
    better to use a wax ring without any plastic reinforcement, else it may not
    seat to the floor and the weight will be on the pipe itself. 

  4. Calla Smith says:

    sooo cute- she is on her to being a very independent young lady! Teach her
    as much as you can! : D

  5. Donny Burklow says:

    Thanks Nick and Kendra for your help!

  6. Abdurahman ibrahim says:

    Even if this video was a total worthless I will LOVE it for the little
    princess. Thanks for sharing I am planning to add a room and bathroom
    that’s why I am here,