How to Cut Through a Concrete Foundation – Bathroom Plumbing

Posted on: July 2, 2015 by in Videos
How to Cut Through a Concrete Foundation – Bathroom Plumbing

Learn how to cut into a basement floor, the foundation of the house, in order to do some plumbing for a bathtub. In this video, you’ll see the cutting, using a sledge hammer to break out the concrete, the gravel underneath and the plans for the plumbing. I used a standard Skil saw and a cheap diamond blade to do the job. As soon as I have the plumbing done I’ll post that video. One Saturday at a time 🙂

25 Responses

  1. adisharr says:

    Great video – always good to see the process from start to finish :)

  2. John Rodgers says:

    Why do you not use water? You should show or at least tell how much time
    lapse. Viewers need to know.

  3. no name says:

    Don’t let the title fool you, this is not the proper way to cut through
    concrete foundation

  4. Doby Rocks says:

    Nils you done a good job and shared your work, the thanks goes to you. The
    rented tools just make things easier and quicker. Take care.

  5. frogger8314 says:

    also a jack hammer would cut 50% of time #justsaying 

  6. tattoosfromgrease says:


  7. Heritic Shmifd says:

    much easier to over cut it by 4″ and remove in larger chunks……..

  8. Nils Rasmusson says:

    Attila, I used Google Sketchup.

  9. Tighty Mimbers says:

    neat asian bird flu mask bra

  10. Khosro Kargaran says:
  11. Doroteo Arango Aramburo says:

    I went through the same situation and I started breaking the concrete with
    a sledge hammer, until I discovered I could rent an electric small
    jackhammer for $20, best money ever spent, easy to use and a great way to
    save yoiur energy for something else………..

  12. thetruth says:

    nice what kind of blade is that and where did you buy it from? I need to do
    cut the slab in my garage

  13. GregJoshuaW says:

    How did the Skil handle the heat from the blade? Did you need to let it
    rest at all? Pretty impressive really.

  14. Johnny Williamson says:

    U spent more time on that and even more than renting a cut saw. You’re a

  15. Free Mann says:

    lol jackhammer bro 

  16. patman92054 says:

    Heck with renting the proper tools. Buy them on Craigslist and then turn
    around and sell them for the same price.

  17. Mike K says:

    thank you for the video.dont mind the trolls ;)

  18. sz42781 says:

    Hammer drill

  19. sz42781 says:

    Cold chisle

  20. umageddon says:

    Why, why WHY do people care so much to take the time to make snide, lame
    comments as to how he breaks the cement?? Who gives a shit if he used a
    sledge… It’s not your freaking energy being wasted… Go fuck off trolls.

  21. chris jones says:

    There’s better ways to do much of this. But at the end of the day it worked
    I like to remind people.

  22. elvis333 says:

    Your fired

  23. jclbuxfan says:

    Not sure why a trap in the drain line was needed . And a combo tee/wye
    instead if the tee works a lot better and in some states a tee on it’s side
    is illegal 

  24. SantaRosaPlumber1 says:

    What kind of blade die you use to cut the concrete. Was it a standard
    diamond blade or something more heavy duty?

  25. Борислав Събев says:

    Wow, you literally have no rebar in that foundation… How’s that even
    considered safe?