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This video covers the best way to install a bath. It’s worked for us hundreds of times and should for you too! We cover removing the old bath, attaching the legs to the new bath and using a spirit level to level the new bath. We also cover fixing it to the wall and using glue and adhesive to seal it tight before tiling.


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  1. plumberparts says:


    How to install a bath!


  2. spelunkerd says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched one of your videos without laughing out

  3. mick walker says:

    Don’t make it higher than your bath panel…

  4. woodbine66 says:

    Sounding more like Cher every time, dude!

  5. Voodoo Melon says:

    Great video, singing is top notch as ever!

  6. R Beard says:

    ‘If you’re a man…’ LOL I’m fitting a bath into an area that’s currently
    a shower/wet room. It’s a rented house and when I leave, I have to leave it
    in it’s original state. I can’t drill holes in the floor or use any glue
    that’s a nightmare to get off again, but I can drill holes in the tiling.
    Have you any suggestions how I can make it secure enough? Thanks, Rosy

  7. Masonelectrical says:

    Cheers for the info dude, brought a smile to my face too! 

  8. ryan birmingham says:

    Nice job matey my next stage in college now is actually installing the pipe
    work in for a bath have u done a vidoe on that yet ?? 

  9. Kevin Jackson says:

    I’m ripping out my old bathroom and fitting a new one during the next 4
    Just watched your video for a bit of last minute revision!
    Hope I don’t flood the place!
    Important question though, should I sing Michael Jackson song’s whilst
    doing it for the best results?!

  10. Lee Avery says:

    I’ve just moved into a new build and the bath is shocking. It’s not glued
    (or even attached) to the wall. Should I kick off with the builders and get
    them to sort it out. It moves about aal awa the place of I give it a nudge
    and it drops about 3mm when it’s full. 

  11. FunkSoulClassic89 says:

    have you got the video of your installing the taps on this bath?

  12. George Hancock says:

    That bath usually has some plastic L brackets that screw round the
    wall..then the bath drops onto them…mind u there a pain…I often run a
    batten round the bath so it can’t drop with weight of water…check out my
    bath install to see where them L brackets normal go, on a bath with
    wood…plus extra seal 

  13. Cumbriahandyman says:

    Would have liked to see how you drilled holes for taps. Not seen a new vid
    lately, you busy?

  14. Nicky Little says:

    Run a level baton around the walls the height of the panel. Sit bath on and
    boom it’s already level just wind the feet down to the ground. Saves loads
    of time adjusting legs and when tiled will not move an inch.

  15. Ruoxi Shi says:

    Great video as always PP, you became our first port of call during our
    whole bathroom revamp process. We have got the same gap between the end of
    the bath and the wall, like you have in this video – what shall we do with
    it? Cheers. Ruoxi

  16. Helm Hurst says:

    Great helpful vids mate, Cheers

  17. George Duffy says:

    I don’t understand the 6 dislikes of this video. What is there not to
    like, the colour of his shorts? his haircut? seriously this guy is making
    an informative video to help alot of people out and potentially save us
    some cash, but no that’s not good enough. what the hell!?

  18. Hakan Ozdemir says:

    I want to put in a wet room however I have wooden joists and the shower
    waste pipe needs to go through the joist.can you drill nogging through a

  19. badji mers says:

    its a great job 🙂 l work in this spiciality
    my question is:
    do you use the copper instead of plastic tubing and pax??

  20. John Fontenot says:

    We should use the elevated tub method here in the states!

  21. valence george says:
  22. S Layac says:

    thx buddy, do learn a lot from you keep going.cheers

  23. Calvin Flatters says:

    Great video, very entertaining. Its interesting to see how you guys do it
    across the pond!

  24. davide pascolo says:

    Hi James

    Could you set a new bathtub while retaining an pr-existing tiled wall? Our
    bath in our new place has come “unstuck” and there is now a gap between the
    tiles and the bathtub itself. Ideally I was looking at setting a new bath
    but it may be easier to simply recalibrate the old one?