How to Install Plumbing for Underneath your Kitchen Sink step-by-step

Posted on: June 6, 2015 by in Videos
How to Install Plumbing for Underneath your Kitchen Sink step-by-step

In this video I will show you how to install new plumbing underneath a kitchen sink that attaches to a garbage disposal. Please check out my website for more plumbing videos:

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  1. Chowdy Chopz says:

    Nice Vid…Thanks !!!!!

  2. wweeks says:

    oh that was beautiful

  3. Sal Captsal says:

    Nice neat job!! Clean joints, no mess left behind.

  4. A Stanton1966 says:

    Thanks for postin this. It had a lot of good info if you are using the
    metal drain pipes.

  5. juan m says:

    Great explanation video.

  6. arenaseparabe says:

    Thanks for the awesome info!!!!!! I really appreciate it:o)

    Very Respectfully, NC1(SW) Hugo Melchor USN-RET Disabled American Vet.

  7. sam harris says:

    Great video! Thank You!

  8. Instant Plumber says:

    great video thanks i’ve sent to my apprentice lol

  9. philanna38 says:

    Is it easier to install this type of basket strainer your using here, with
    the screws, than the other type?

  10. Norm Borg says:

    Great video, will certainly reference. Any reason why you wouldn’t plug
    the garbage disposal into the wall with an extension cord to try it out
    (seeing there was no power under the sink)?

  11. Russell Garr says:

    Great vid Thanks. What about the drain for the dishwasher?

  12. OneThrough8 says:

    Hi Dan. I have a single kitchen sink with a disposal. I’m replacing the
    Badger 1/3 hp and the p-trap. Right now there isn’t a nipple from the wall.
    It looks like what you call the tail piece and it’s coming out of a nut
    right next to the wall.. That tail piece is brass, it comes out about 7
    inches and it doesn’t appear to be leaking where it is attached with a nut
    to the p-trap. The next next on the other end of the p-trap leaks and just
    about that, the nut that’s attached to the disposal pipe leaks the most.
    So my question is do you have to have a nipple and then a tail piece or is
    what I have there now OK? Also, I’m going to use PVC but the tail piece is
    brass. Any tips on connecting PVC to brass? Or is it perhaps not a good
    idea? I really like your videos. I’ve bought most of what I need. I’m
    just going to watch your videos again and watch a few others. Thanks.

  13. Dirtfoot Elmo says:

    Nice video, Brass… your a true plumber too!! Yes, we always have to
    correct some rough plumber work that kinda makes you wish you were there to
    smack them lol j/k. 

  14. José Font says:

    Thank you, it was very helpful.

  15. Stephen Zamecnik says:

    that kitchen looks familiar, am i responsible for all the woodwork there?

  16. johnny 1223 says:

    thank you sir!

  17. Scott Gibson says:

    Great video! Thanks so much! Anywhere I could email and send a pic to you?
    I just got granite countertops installed, with undermount sink. I think I
    might have to do some jerry rigging to get the disposal back on since it is
    lower. Could I send you a picture?

  18. Lissie Figueroa says:

    Question, if I currently have a double sink and now want to change it to a
    single sink, do you have a video for that? I have the garbage disposable in
    1 side and in the other a drainer or something like that. 

  19. Mohammed Tofigh says:

    I’m looking to do this as a career/job thou I need to go to school for it
    first. Can you give me an insight on why you enjoy doing what you da as a

  20. Jaime Perez says:

    Do you use the same joint compound type for plastic and metal or does
    plastic have s different type?

  21. Abel Rivera says:

    You made it look easy enough where I will attempt fixing my leaky sink.
    Thank you.

  22. Human angel says:

    Thank you. Very useful video.

  23. Giuseppe Giannotta says:

    Nice job!