How To Solder Copper Plumbing Pipes

Posted on: June 5, 2015 by in Videos
How To Solder Copper Plumbing Pipes

Shannon from shows you how to cut copper plumbing pipes and solder copper pipes together with an elbow joint.

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  1. jeramy baez says:

    Too long winded and just not very good job. Don’t need to ream unless
    refrigeration tubing. Just didt like it. Then again I don’t like anyones
    solder or braze except mine.

  2. Matthew Filip says:

    I was looking for an intro to pipe soldering and left with a masters.

  3. Oliver Peters says:

    Can anyone on you tube solder with out getting snot drips lol. Oh sorry

  4. gomack64 says:

    Good video but how about wearing safety glasses and gloves too?

  5. service1956 says:

    He did all right but, used too much solder! Just melt the solder on top of
    the pipe until you see a small drip on the bottom. And it will be sucked in
    all the way around the pipe for a good seal. I take a clean rag, and GENTLY
    wipe all around the pipe while the solder is still hot to make for a clean
    smooth professional looking joint. Just make sure you do not disturb the
    joint when doing so.

  6. Jesus Acosta says:

    Great video man keep them rolling….

  7. Johnny Gregory says:

    Thanks for the refresher. It’s been a while since I’ve done this. I
    appreciate it.

  8. Amer Shazad says:

    heat from The bottom solder on Top That’s The way To do it

  9. FixApp says:

    Great video!

  10. clintlanders111111 says:

    Great video can you chip away or sand the excess solder as long as you
    don’t mess with the joint 

  11. al green says:

    Have you ever used MAPP gas?

  12. MrSanto19586 says:

    what the pipe cutter to act like a threader instead of a cutter

  13. yakyakker says:

    Thanks, have always wanted to do this. I was just about to start my first
    project but decided to google it first. Turns out I was about to make some
    fairly critical mistakes! Back to the hardware store I go.

  14. hooli g says:

    why watch the video when you know what to do? .

  15. Justice ForPinoys says:

    56 Thumbs Down? Jerks! 

  16. Paul Perkins says:

    You flux the fitting and the pipe why risk a leak? Also if any of the brush
    bristles come off while applying the flux make sure to get it off cause it
    wont set right

  17. Thomas Anderson says:

    Great advice. My first time soldering and it came out really good. One
    really big issue though… the bread trick; don’t use it if the line is
    feeding faucet/shower heads with screens, special adaptors and other small
    outputs. It will clog and most likely you will have to disassemble and
    clean multiple faucets. I learned that the hard way. 

  18. Artūrs Eversons says:

    fantastic, I do need to solder in a T-joint and now I know how! Thank you
    so much :)

  19. Jeremy Wendelin says:

    Great video now make one like 4 mins long…..

  20. Jeffrey Wells says:

    This is a chore to be done very soon , thanx 4 posting !

  21. L.C. Bowdog says:

    I just watched this for the hell of it. His soldering is a lot like mine.
    Thank you for the info. Bottom line is the solder gets sucked in and don’t

  22. liviu holca says:

    My plumbing master would not pass anyone if there would be “drops” of
    solder either on the pipe or on the floor (he failed me too).

  23. DonLicuala says:

    I’m surprised how little solder is needed. The only negative is that since
    this video is directed at newbies, he should wear safety glasses.

  24. Matthew Faltz says:

    Your videos are great. The framing ones have really helped me in my
    basement too.