How To Use Push Fit Plumbing Fittings

Posted on: July 30, 2015 by in Videos
How To Use Push Fit Plumbing Fittings

Shannon from shows you how to use push-fit plumbing fittings for your plumbing projects. These are sold under different trade names. Video Copyright 2013 SKS Media.

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  1. Shemya94 says:

    Thanks for the video, Shannon. You make this look easy.

  2. Kevin Pezzi says:

    Great presentation!

  3. Jimmie Fender says:

    I have arthritis and it can hurt like hell using the little tool to release
    the fittings. Instead I just use an open end wrench. Much easier, probably
    already have it and a lot less likely to lose it. Also if there is
    something you have to disconnect periodically I put a large custom made
    washer on the pipe to use as a permanently installed tool. I made mine out
    of aluminum and deburred sharp edges. I use these on my water filters
    because it is much easier for me to change out the whole housing than just
    the filter..

  4. Jimmie Fender says:

    Using PEX and Sharkbite for compressed air at 110 PSI for about a year, no
    problems so far but it could blow all to hell and kill me tomorrow.

  5. ajbh333 says:

    Shannon, your workshop looks a bit like mine – left over cabinets from
    various projects! Waste not, want not…
    Great job on your videos.

  6. mikecar52 says:

    Thank you

  7. John Wilson says:

    Great video.Thank you.Can CPVC connectors be used to connect copper pipe?It
    seems they would be cheaper to use than copper.

  8. Steve Oleniak says:

    very helpful..thank you!

  9. Zoom Kat says:

    Good info, especially on fitting removal when one does not have the
    official fitting removal gizmo. 

  10. QuantumRift says:

    Awesome info! Thanks!

  11. Colm2243 says:

    Love your videos! They put my mind at ease while doing DIY jobs. You give
    all the information necessary to do the job plus tips and info that others
    don’t. Keep up the good work! 

  12. Sonny Zarate says:

    THANK YOU!!! This video and your explanation on how to use the “push in
    fitting” on plastic lines was what I needed to start and finish my DIY job!
    I am installing a water softener with APEX lines and Brass fitting push
    ins. You made it easy.

  13. Kari Vista says:

    The new generation pushfit fittings are boon to the plumbing. They avoid
    leakages even done by a non professional and very easy and quick. Even they
    are bit expensive but the time saved is cost saving in labor and in
    equates. Very useful and informative.

  14. DukeLaCrosse20 says:

    Where does PVC fit into this system? I have all PVC. Is there a way to
    transition to this system?

  15. Dorian Sheehan says:

    What kind of grommets do you use in the metal studs for Pex plastin pope

  16. rmargono says:

    Thank’s for the nice and complete different type of use of the Push Fit
    connector. It is quite helpful for people where time is really not much and
    with this video it is 100% helpful

  17. Jonathan Yi says:

    Major water damage behind the wall and it was caused by one of these slide
    fittings just popping loose. A close examination show the brass outer
    casing expanded from 21 mm to 25 mm and could not hold the plastic innards.
    After spending so much time tearing down the wall and tracing it up to the
    ceiling, I see someone replaced 2 feet of copper using a set of these. I am
    going back to compression fitting. Beware of the weak construction, and do
    not use it in hidden places.

  18. Christopher Burke says:

    Good video, Thanks. I am wondering about the long term use of these
    connectors? I will certiainly use them although I do not think I would fit
    them in a place which was inaccessible for example in a wall. 

  19. bradh716 says:

    So, does the white plastic thing have to come out?

  20. Mick Galyean says:

    Excellent video. Thanks. I used these fittings when I replaced a hot
    water heater. The copper lines running from the water heater to my
    geo-therm unit were soldered and I had to cut them as well as one plastic
    line. While these connectors are relatively easy to use, your instructions
    were much clearer than those on the package and made it a great deal easier
    and quicker. The Crescent wrench trick came in handy a couple of times
    since I didn’t pick up one of their extractors. Thanks again.

  21. Nicholas Leywood says:

    Great video, has reduced our install time on our grntechnologies
    installations and is worth the extra cost.

  22. RYAN DUDE says:

    You are awesome…Thank you for the video.

  23. filipina santos says:

    thank you so much for sharing on how to use those fittings

  24. MaCoeur says:

    Shannon, Did you live in Seal Beach for a while as a kid? I’m thinking you
    look a lot like my neighbor/friend from back in the 70’s who’s name was
    also Shannon. You sound like you have a Canadian accent, and if I’m
    remembering accurately, I think my friend Shannon had either moved to Seal
    Beach from Canada, or moved to Canada from Seal Beach (or both…It was a
    loooong time ago….I can’t remember!)

  25. Steven Bagent says:

    I wss told these could be pushed over threaded pipe. Is this true?