Marshawn Lynch’s Local Plumbing Ad – CONAN on TBS

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Videos
Marshawn Lynch’s Local Plumbing Ad – CONAN on TBS

Forget signing a multimillion deal with Nike, Marshawn is keeping it real for the people of Seattle.

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24 Responses

  1. Bromigo99 says:

    First bitch

  2. Adnan Amin says:

    ” Stop freakin’, call Beacon…” LMAO!!! xD

  3. marblee says:

    Stop freakin’, call beacon

  4. patzacherson says:


  5. mafia833 says:

    Am i the only one that thought that chick was hot

  6. Alec Downing says:

    I constantly see this add on TV and radio, it’s amazing!

  7. behinderteleberwurst says:

    I’m surprised how not terrible that ad is.

  8. rochat says:

    How could you not give such a nice guy the ball?

  9. Jose Barrios says:

    I don’t follow Football too much, but I heard of this guy and he’s awesome!

  10. OneButton Dash says:

    I bet he went beast mode on that MILF

  11. HAIRCUT says:

    Amazing how that milf was able to say “I think it’s just clogged” without
    moving her lips.

    I bet she has other talents that involve her mouth ;)

  12. fidorover says:

    *Beacon Plumbing*
    *”After that call on the final play of Super Bowl 49, we pulled Pete
    Carroll’s head out of his ass. Now THAT was some serious plumbing*!!”

  13. Saverio Salemme says:

    This a good guy who did not let fame inflate his ego. I am not a fan of the
    Seahawks but Mr. Lynch has my respect.

  14. Sami El-Khazen says:

    did conan do an E3 2015 thing apart from the halo 5 match against silicon

  15. Javier Avila says:

    Genuine cool dude. 

  16. jcracker says:

    might just be the coolest dude on earth

  17. Abdi Ali says:

    I see that ad every day 

  18. Valerie Escatel says:

    This guy is always so cool. 

  19. NullNewt says:

    Who is this marshawn fella you speak of???

  20. MusashiSolid206 says:

    Beacon plumbing snaked my toilet once, worst and most expensive plumbing
    experience ive ever had. Nothing against marshawn lynch but that company is
    run by crooks and their plumbers are incompetent. The plumber they sent to
    my house was a complete crack head. He didn’t put any carpet covering down
    in my hallway and ruined the carpet, somehow got shit stains all over the
    walls in the bathroom AND hallway, even as I was talking to the plumber he
    was banging his shit covered snake tool into the walls and at the end of
    the job they charged nearly 1000 dollars and did not provide a copy of the
    videoscope recording which they are required to do by law! If your freakin
    and you live in Seattle don’t call beacon! They’ll get shit all over your
    house and charge you up the ass!!!!

  21. nosoupfuru says:

    Quit freakin call Beacon…I hear it everyday lol

  22. Ian Gerkman says:

    I have to watch an ad before I watch another ad? Really??

  23. erick mendez says:

    marshawn lynch, the only good thing from Seattle

  24. J Kim says:

    I liked him the moment I learned he didn’t want to do media talks and was
    fined. I loved him when he did it the next year, but just kept repeating
    the same phrase for every question he got!