new bathroom vanity sink and pvc drain:plumbing tips

Posted on: June 29, 2015 by in Videos
new bathroom vanity sink and pvc drain:plumbing tips

replaces new vanity top complete @ drain/water supplies

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  1. Rob HVAC says:

    Nice Steve. You are right the new sinks never line up with the old piping. 

  2. Al Gregory says:

    looks good

  3. Harry Dickson says:

    Love it Steve great job 

  4. Allen says:

    Great job Steve! Where I live PVC sink drain pipes are in residential
    houses but the old style brass metal with outside chrome finish drain
    pipes are still used throughout commercial buildings. I wonder why
    commercial buildings don’t use the PVC drain pipes around here. Would you
    know any information about this? Are the metal pipes superior to the PVC?
    I always thought that the metal pipes did not last as long as the PVC pipes.


  5. Tim Short says:

    I miss using clear primer so much! We are required to use purple here in
    California at least in my county. It looks awful and messy no matter how
    careful you are. Great job Steve. 

  6. Nicholas Rowan says:

    You make it look so easy. Cool tool

  7. Mike's Channel says:

    Those plumbers got all the cool tools…. yah darn show off Steven ROL…
    Steven it looks like it should, meaning it looks like it was there in the
    house from day one. Top notch!!!


  8. T&N Services LLC. says:

    You done good!!!!

  9. Jordan Berghaus says:

    Nice job Steve.

  10. Russ Kula says:

    Nice job thanks for posting

  11. blaq77 says:

    You glue the drainpipe into the wall pipe?

  12. Jason Shirey says:

    hey Steve whats the brand name of the plastic caddy/tote with the hanger
    you have your solvent welds in or where can i order one?

  13. Super Daddy says:

    fast and good job that would take me half hour lol

  14. Duane Swift says:

    I’m having issues with the seal of the pipe coming from the sink to the
    first “u”. Sorry- I have no idea what to call it. Anyway- the smooth pipe
    coming down isn’t exactly “locking” when I tight it together. If that makes
    sense?? Thx 

  15. Duane Swift says:

    That was quick response! Thanks!! I just looked at a “flex n fit” j bend.
    I’m wondering if those would be better as the one I currently have seems to
    have shifted. Thanks for this quick response tho- glad I came across this
    video! Cheers 

  16. Alma Chavez says:

    Gracias x el video

  17. gekkedirkie says:

    Whats up with your light? Nice video

  18. Mike Pier says:

    Steve, just curious why you don’t use the standard 1 1/4″ tubular P-trap?
    I’ve found in those tight spots, especially on 19″ vanity sinks, they
    provide room to work with to line up the trap with the wall.
    Also, I know the P-trap you used in this video has a cleanout at the
    bottom, but any concerns that it can’t be taken apart like a conventional

  19. diglightdig says:

    Was the homeowner watching you the whole time? Doesn’t that irritate you?

  20. Fred Smith says:

    Thanks for the vid, I actually learnt something.

  21. Gale McCann says:

    all my local hardware stores seem to only sell pvc.. I need the metal
    assembly :/

  22. James Hudson says:

    I’ve ruined a few fitting using those reamers. It takes practice…lol.
    Once I had to open the wall up…once is all it took before I learned my
    lesson. Fortunately it wasn’t for a customer. heh

  23. seanseanseanseansean says:

    Very good.

  24. Scott Provost says:

    Steve, I’m 10 and love your videos. Can I work with you when I get old

  25. Iam MegamanX says:

    Thanks for the video. It really helped me out.