Plumber Causes Major Flood In Apartment

Posted on: January 24, 2017 by in Videos
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Plumber Causes Major Flood In Apartment

Landlord calls plumber who foolishly tries to repair a leak without first turning the water off. He did not want to pay the 0 water shut-off fee and instead causes thousands in damage to two apartments.

At no point were the tenants given any choice in the matter. This entire incident, from the labor to the decisions, was purely between the landlord and plumber. I recorded this video to document the damage, holding the landlord accountable for her mistake in hiring this person, as well as to capture the epic moment of failure.

I am not a tenant here, so not only do I not care enough to get wet attempting to fix this idiot’s mess – I have no idea where the water shutoff is located. The video was a good opportunity, I took it. The 2 apartments affected by the flood are to be entirely renovated by a legitimate contractor at the landlord’s expense.

For those who are having difficulty understanding why there might be a fee:

This apartment complex requires a 0 fee per every 30 minutes to shut water off since each building must be shut off from water entirely. The water shut off valves are only accessible by the complex staff.

A small leak was beginning to saturate the bathroom sink cabinet in this apartment, causing swelling of the wood. The tenant (the lady with the steam-vacuum) called the landlord to have the leak repaired, as well as a new faucet installed. The landlord tried to save money by hiring this man. The “plumber” made the decision to repair the leak without shutting the water off in an attempt to save the landlord from a fee he thought would be unnecessary. It was soon found that he was overconfident in his ability to repair the leak, and the resulting ensued.