Plumbing – High-Rise Condominium Project

Posted on: June 6, 2015 by in Videos
Plumbing – High-Rise Condominium Project

Check out how the plumbing is installed in this high-rise condominium project in downtown Milwaukee. Members of Plumbers 75 from Alpine Plumbing are featured in this segment of Today’s Home Remodeler.

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  1. Claude Taylor says:

    Nice blue prints 3D on the computer Sweet

  2. Claude Taylor says:

    Great looking work

  3. Douglas Tracy says:

    Sweet very entertaining vid

  4. Chivas Ryuk says:

    can anyone give me a link or procedure for testing and commissioning for
    plumbing works. includes: flushing of plumbing fixtures etc. thanks in

  5. CrewcutTV says:

    Chivas – You might find what you’re looking for at our
    youtube/buildingwisconsintv channel in a show called the Water Energy Nexus

  6. raghu manjeera says:

    hi am sharath 4th standet patancheru

  7. SantaRosaPlumber1 says:

    3D Cad modelling is a major planning breakthrough. Grateful for the

  8. mang minh says:

    they used 3D cad to draw model, can we use revit instead?

  9. orbee69 says: