Plumbing IBC Tanks Into Rain Water Harvesting System

Posted on: July 4, 2016 by in Videos
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Plumbing IBC Tanks Into Rain Water Harvesting System

I connected the 275 gallon IBC tote to the off grid tiny house on wheels today. I will have a series of tanks for rain water harvesting and tiny house water supply. Read the full article here:

It took a few trips into town for plumbing but I finally got the job done. First I was running out of PVC pipe after I started to cut all the pieces to glue into the fittings so I had to run into town for more pipe.

Later, as I was gluing the entire system together I accidentally glued the wrong piece in place. With the PVC cement you have exactly one second before the stuff is bonded permanently. The second I put the pipe in place, I knew it was wrong but it was too late. I could not remove it for anything.

So it was back into town for a 59 cent piece of hardware.

When I got home again, the rest of the PVC pipe assembly went together quite well. I connected the entire system so that I can have two 275 gallon IBC tanks in the off grid rain water shed together. I also have expansion room to put a series of tanks outside for summer use as well if needed. I used a T connector, piece of pipe and an end cap to leave the expansion option available.

When the pipe was assembled and cured I took it over to the water tanks to try it on for size. I looks good.

Next I propped up the pipe off the ground with some boards to keep the pressure off the Gator Lock fittings on the IBC tank. Then I connected the Gator Lock fitting onto the IBC tote that I have in place and it fit perfectly.

And lastly I removed the off grid tiny house water line from the little 20 gallon tank we have been using and connected it to the new system.

The moment we have been waiting for has arrived…

I turned on the valve and heard the water rushing into the new PVC pipes as it filled them up.

When we tried the water in the tiny house on wheels it worked perfectly. Success.

We now have 550 gallons of rain water capacity on the off grid tiny house with the option to expand with more tanks outside for summer use.

This is a very exciting moment for the off grid homestead.

Melanie was working in her new flower bed all day. She put rocks around the borders inside and outside. Then she transplanted some flowers that she was growing from seed into the new flower bed. It sure is going to be pretty when the flowers grow up.

Chris has been working outside tearing down sheet metal from pallets. This is the old RV shed and porch that he has been dismantling. He is putting the sheet metal in one place and the pallet wood in another for later processing.

Chris has also been working in the wood shed cutting and sorting fire wood for next winter.

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