Tile Shower Plumbing Tricks of the Trade

Posted on: June 27, 2015 by in Videos
Tile Shower Plumbing Tricks of the Trade

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This video discusses plumbing a shower. Learn how to use a simple PEX water supply system to make plumbing your shower as easy as it can be! Eddie and his side-kick Tom hook up the water supply lines to the shower valves using PEX water lines, SharkBite fittings and the right tools for the job.

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  1. HMWRKS says:

    have tried to download the additional videos but just keep getting looped
    around to the sign-up page…what’s up?

  2. Julian Monceaux says:

    Air hammers are usually installed at the faucet end, tubs, showers, washing
    machine, etc. They help with any trapped air inside the lines. Keeps the
    lines from moving or bumping because of air. I see them everywhere here in
    homes but was wondering if I really needed to install them. Thanks for any

  3. Piranha42 says:

    hey guys love your videos. how do you know how far out to mount your shower
    head from the wall 

  4. All Hours Plumbing SLC says:

    Sound advice and effective tips, over all a very good video. Thanks for
    sharing all your videos, they’re all very useful and nicely done!

  5. mike sandy says:

    I have a question, On the plate that the valve and shower head is mounted
    on to, how far on the depth of the 2×4 do you go into the cavity for the
    wood plates?

  6. Tom Poirier says:

    this is making me want to switch to PEX. As a DIYer its usually easier to
    go with what you know, but DAMN…

  7. TheRobertdow72 says:

    If pex was to freeze, say your furnace went out while on vacation or what
    ever.pex will expand five times its diameter and then when it thaws out it
    will go back to its original state, no leaks . Where as copper if it
    freezes when it thaws you’re definitely in for leaks. O ya, and being a
    plumber, it a breeze to install, verses copper.

  8. fernando alonso says:

    Thanks again I’m glad to see the video its interesting and I take some this

  9. American only says:

    I wish one video would cover how to set diverter valve distance to the edge
    of tile. My tile guy said 1 3/8 from diverter. If one gets it close can it
    be adjusted? I’m using a new delta shower only. 

  10. Payless 4 Plumbing Inc says:

    Tile Shower Plumbing Tricks of the Trade

  11. Cesar Caoili says:

    thanks for sharing, i love to install a multiple shower in a room like a
    car washer, so awesome,.

  12. Karen Egge says:

    We have a concrete slab and the plumbing comes up from the slab. Bummer.
    We need to move the water supply in the shower to enlarge it. Can we just
    abandon those and tap into the water for the sink? Or do you jack hammer
    into the slab to move the supply line?

  13. D Heath says:

    How do I know how much of the diverter valve should be sticking out during
    a rough in 

  14. Rich Stine says:

    Great video as I’m getting ready to replace all my piping behind the shower
    walls. One question. What’s the best way to secure pex pipe to existing
    copper pipping? Plan on just cutting all the old copper out behind the wall
    and piggy backing off the old lines coming into the bathroom.

  15. Meshwork123 says:

    All the fuss that is made of university – science degrees, arts degrees,
    PhDs, Master’s, useless degrees, Harvard, Columbia – and yet it’s skilled
    professionals like you people who are the backbone of what we so often take
    for granted, what with our sanitation, plumbing, drainage and more.

    I salute you guys. 

  16. South Perth Plumbers says:

    Nice video you got there! Keep posting more informative videos since many
    people appreciates this.

  17. Tony Gowshall says:

    Only professional knows how plumbing problem is solve. Very well
    demonstrated video showing complete tile shower #plumbing tricks.

  18. DraincablesDirect says:

    Nice close-up shots.

  19. MrYngwie69 says:

    I always run copper to the shower head/diverters/wands/spouts. makes it 10
    times more secure

  20. sal gustaf says:

    What does it mean when it says flush pipes thoroughly in the valve
    instruction manual?

  21. Dubrx 015 says:

    Great videos! I’m considering doing a rain shower head in my bathroom. Do
    i need to do anything extra to insulate around the pipe?

  22. Luis Granados says:

    It’s a very good video. Thanks for sharing your ideas and tactics. 

  23. Adán Martivela says:

    I have to weld for showers at work for subdivision homes. It would be
    amazing to use pex pipe instead. 

  24. SimmeringPotpourri says:

    So, you’re video is one of the first that I found that didn’t use copy
    between the diverter and spout. I would rather go all PEX but I’m concerned
    that the three number 12 screws that I would use to mount the 90’s (shower
    and tub spouts) isn’t going to be strong enough. Some people suggested I
    run a small pipe from the 90 and then strap it to the board but I’m
    wondering if that might be over engineering and unnecessary.
    Any thoughts?

  25. Ed Knapp says:

    Can you share the part numbers for the shower valve and diverter valve?