tub & shower valve replacement :plumbing tips

Posted on: July 23, 2015 by in Videos
tub & shower valve replacement :plumbing tips

replace a old 3 handle tub&shower valve with a new simons tub&shower valve complete ..soldering copper pipe

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  1. steven lavimoniere says:
  2. jeff arney says:

    Really enjoyed the plumbing video Steve. I gained a couple of good plumbing
    tips out of it. Thanks

  3. TheWolfePit says:

    Steve, why was the faucet pipe on the right twisted like that? Was that
    from him falling on it? Good job!!!

  4. Graham Proctor says:

    Man those handles got fucked up.I bet that hurt.lol

  5. Andys Mechanical says:

    Nice fix Steven. I hate soldering in them old walls, so nerve racking.
    Something smoldering after you leave the job

  6. Saul Friling says:

    One of the worst bath/shower valves I’ve seen good job on install Steve. I
    had a older style Delta single handle shower valve that customer tried to
    take bonnet nut off and twisted valve that looked pretty bad this
    week.Lol.Thanks for the video.

  7. hllywd964 says:

    nice job!…what area of the country are you from?

  8. 67tr876 says:

    Great job ! I hope the old guy was ok after that fall

  9. Cam Bo says:

    Thanks for taking us along with you. That cardboard wall looks better than
    the existing tile! lol.

  10. septicman361 says:

    Awesome video, awesome job, how the heck are you so good at so many things?
    I like the Simmons too and I prefer to solder as well.

  11. Brad1237202 says:

    I’m here for you brother! You, John in Louisiana, and all the You Tube
    service guys who bust ass day in and day out like myself, including
    weekends and holidays!! Screw hvactalk.com! They will not shit on us!!!!
    All us You Tube guys work in the trade day after day, and not behind a
    keyboard eating caviar!!! Show your face!!!!

  12. hvactecster79 says:

    Nice and neat job in a tight spot Steven !! Take care, Brett

  13. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Nice job sweating that valve in. Turn and Burn!

  14. Philbert Desanex says:

    love the way that ,sodden dry-wall fell away,inside.

  15. mike doyon says:

    steve what were you using to take the water out of the supply lines so that
    you can sweat? We usually roll up paper towels and stick them in but your
    way is wicked fast

  16. Nicholas CeeA says:

    Nice job and great video! I’m getting up in age and I’m extra careful on
    stairs and in the shower now. You mentioned that was an outside wall. How
    can that work without freezing???

  17. Charley Bronson says:

    That was a WHORE of an installation of tile and plumbing you uncovered.
    Just think , the previous installer GOT PAID FOR THAT HORROR!!!!!!

  18. Louis Cypher says:

    That click on tubing cutter you were using…Who makes that? I guess it
    would be called a tight spot cutter or something?

  19. johnmiller102 says:

    Hey Steve. I know this video is over a year old but I have a question. I
    always take the valve apart when I solder them. Do you think it is isn’t
    necessary to do that. Maybe Im just wasting my time but I worry about over
    heating the plastic and rubber seals.

  20. Arek Lata says:

    hi Steve,
    What is your opinion on shark bite fittings?

  21. Arek Lata says:

    I need to replace my old delta shower valve. Do you think I can trust
    sharkbite fittings or go with old way and solder. thank you.

  22. Pete Ciallella says:

    The new valve install came out good Steve. How are those Symmons valves
    compared to Moen, etc.? Thanks for the video.

  23. Dunn Plumbing llc says:

    You’re a brave man soldering with that paper shit in there. Good job 

  24. rene garcia says:

    is real video, I liked!!!

  25. dash8024 says:

    Just has to put my 2 cents in steve. As a handyman and have worked at
    nursing homes . Pls don’t leave that much diverter pipe out and un capped.
    And come back later to finish.also you know the guy already fell once yes
    .and he’s elderly set the hot temp!! If he fell again causing him to reach
    for anything and turned to hot ! Or on that long exposed pipe? Wow! It’s
    just bad looking out for the elderly. Pls be re mindful that you know
    better sometimes then they do at times. One more thing I noticed you do
    alot and that’s using your channel locks on the diverter , if your going to
    do it that way use your rag or roll up your glove on the teeth no scratches
    at all. Thanks for thé videos.