Wall Paint – Plumbing Pipes Tutorial

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Wall Paint – Plumbing Pipes Tutorial

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-Nikon D600
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-Zoom h4n audio recorder
-Macbook Pro 2014
-Adobe Premiere Pro

This “client”— she’s really a friend at this point— contacted me this summer to paint her pool bathroom inside her GORGEOUS new house. It was really cool, she let me go for it and do whatever I wanted. The ceilings are SO high in their entire house and I stuck with my typical Mehndi, floral design.

A few months ago she contacted me again saying HEY! We want something else in our downstairs basement but we want it COMPLETELY opposite! Industrial! Lines! WAHOO!

Her and her husband sent me some reference photos for a sort of plumbing pipes layout. I had NEVER done ANYTHING like this do I practiced on some sketches and just went for it on the walls. In the first bathroom I used a paint brush and acrylic paint. In this bathroom I chose to go with acrylic paint markers and HOLY COW does it speed up the process. It also gives me much crisper lines and I am now VERY fond of these markers.

I didn’t have a plan for the placement of the pipes. I knew I wanted all the line work to be the same and I wanted them to come in different sizes, but beyond that I simple just went for it and tried to make straight lines and evenly spaced pipes!

I wanted the shading of the pipes to look like something you’d see in a sketch book. I drew light lines going along the top and bottom of the pipes and let the marker bounce on and off the wall. I then lightly scribbled across the entire pipe for a large light shadow, then with regular force I added a darker, smaller scribble. You might notice I kept all the shading lines in the same direction… THAT WAS INTENTIONAL! I think it looked nicer than random scribbles.

And that is pretty much the entire process. I added gadgets and knobs in random spots for some interest. You’ll never have more fun during a poo than connecting the pipes while you’re cleaning out your own.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope to do many more wall paints in the future especially with my new markers! Be sure to follow me on SnapChat for behind the scenes footage of projects like this one and I’ll see you in my next video!