Gas Water Heater Atlantis

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Atlantis

This Whirlpool Built Gas Dryer Troubleshooting Heating Problems Video looks closely at how to troubleshoot and repair problems with your whirlpool built gas dryer. Whirlpool built dryers are easily recognized by the lint catcher or trap located on the top of the dryer. This dryer repair video will show how to troubleshoot and fix problems with your dryers gas valve, dryer igniter, dryer valve coils, dryer flame switch, dryer thermal fuse, dryer cycling thermostat, dryer hi-limit thermostat, dryer timer, dryer temperature switch, as well as ducting problems, and other heat related gas dryer problems. Whirlpool gas dryers are built under the names Whirlpool, Roper, Estate, Kitchen Aid, Inglis, Amana, Maytag, Kirkland, Kenmore. I hope this helps you fix your dryer. More appliance repair help videos at

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  2. Stephen De Anda says:

    This video helped me so much. I was able to troubleshoot and repair my
    dryer no problem. Thank you so much for making this video. I will share
    this video link as well as your web page link on my facebook page. Thanks

  3. Ace Hoffman says:

    Thanks for the great video. Got it fixed. It was the fuse this time.

  4. KingBaconMonger says:

    Outstanding video! I was easily able to diagnose my problem as a
    bad/failing gas valve coil. I got a new set for about $10 and it took me
    less than an hour to completely replace them. Dryer appears to be good as
    new now. Also, the discussion of troubleshooting with the schematic was
    really good. I didn’t need to get to that level, but it was great to have
    some guidance on how to approach it if I did need to. Thanks for the great
    video! I’m going to see what others you have now!

  5. Dean fortwenty says:

    great video. if the cycle thermostat heater testes infinite and the dryer
    runs normal for a bit but burner shuts down and never kicks back on, the
    cycle thermostat needs replace?

  6. Joan Turner says:

    this is so interesting, for those of us that are fix it yourselfers

  7. lamewarrior says:

    My Ge gas dryer DDG9280gbl works fine on medium and tries to come on more
    frequently on the hot setting but the gas valves don’t open so the ignitor
    goes off then comes back on at the normal “medium” frequency. It will do
    that over and over. I’ve checked the stats and replaced the coils and fixed
    a bad contact inside the timer. No luck. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

  8. Shawn Hansen says:

    Man I am at a loss. I have torn my dryer apart multiple times and still
    can’t figure out what is causing an almost un-burnt gas smell to be in the
    drum. It doesn’t smell like straight natural gas just like exhaust from an
    engine. I thought my flame height might have been the issue but the flame
    is predominantly blue so I dunno at this point. Ignitor does its job. The
    coils seem to work in conjunction with the safety switches properly. It
    was a hand me down from my folks. After I cleaned it out thoroughly I put
    it to work for 2 whole days when all of the sudden the clothes smelt funny
    after a cycle. Now my clothes come out smelling like exhaust. No
    paint/varnishing being done in the home either. Oh and the vent hose is
    brand new with an entirely new run of ducting. Any ideas?

  9. Luis Arroyo says:

    check out

  10. Benjamin Heydecker says:

    Love your videos, best troubleshooting vids on the net!!!

  11. tony aaron says:

    That is strange… It sounds like a thermostat is opening.

  12. Foust Appliance Heating & Cooling says:

    Appliance Repair, How to repair your gas dryer! 

  13. Kenzo B says:

    I have a GE DRSR483GG7WW. The dryer ignites only for a few seconds and then
    goes out. I was thinking it was the coils. Is that correct? If so there are
    two different kinds offered.
    1. ‘M’ Series Secondary Coil – 2 Terminals
    2. ‘M’ Series Primary Dual Coil Gas Valve
    Which should I get? Do I change both? One has 2 terminals, the other 3.
    Thank you very much!


    Thanks I went from a $300.00 repair man bill to a $13.40 do it my self
    bill. It was the fuse.

  15. Todd Lung says:

    What would cause the fuse to blow other than a clogged lint line. I am
    replacing the fuse and the thermostat just to be sure. The thermostat
    should open before the high limit switch correct?

  16. Carl PartyCity says:

    Thanks for the video, I replace the coil and it’s back up and working. 

  17. Laura Phillips says:

    grate job it help me got my dryer fixed

  18. Tony Melendez says:

    I have a Whirlpool WGD5100VQ1 Gas Dryer . My Cycling thermostat is open on
    the low setting when I touch the two wire prongs with a multimeter, shows
    no resistance, also no clicking noise on the gas valve solenoids. . the
    initial problem is that the the igniter is not glowing at all,but the flame
    sensor,igniter,thermal fuse,the 2nd Thermal fuse with jumper wire,and high
    limit thermostat all showed resistance and test to be fine with an analog
    meter ( Simoson Meter 260 ) and a Digital multimeter (Fluke Meter). Would
    the cycling thermostat and possibly bad Gas valve Solenoids prevent the
    igniter from glowing ? the dryer is not heating at any point in the normal
    high dry cycle ! a good friend once told me that the timer could also keep
    the igniter from glowing. 

  19. Elizabeth Snodgrass says:

    Thanks so much for this helpful video! It solved my dryer problem quickly
    and efficiently.

  20. Ryan Loftin says:

    My whirlpool gas dryer has a gas smell coming from inside the dryer. No
    leaks on the outside and No smell from the outside. Help?

  21. Jim Bailey says:

    The troubleshooting video took me to the problem coil before I took the
    back off, I had the Laptop on the washer and stopped the video while
    pulling panels off and tugged wires and taped coils until the lighter came
    Amazon will have the parts to me in 2 days.

  22. Gregory Hines says:

    How do you test gas coils on a roper dryer.

  23. Kevin Boyd says:

    Thanks…. you saved me money

  24. Raymond Li says:

    great video and helpful, thank you