Gas Water Heater Cape Coral

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Cape Coral

Bought this as a replacement from Home Depot, Works Excellent and i would Buy another one again if I had to. Sorry I did have the price wrong, it was 449.99 plus tax.

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  1. IamKING vue says:

    just replace mines (2003 40 gallon) with this 50 gallon performance rheem
    and it was easy to replace.. very happy so far…

  2. binniedj says:

    If you had to do it over again, would you have purchased the Reheem water
    heater to begin with?

  3. Arthur Benedict says:

    Just bought a Rheem performance series 40 gallon model yesterday for
    $317.00 @ Home Depot to replace my Kenmore that lasted 13yr . Luv all the
    new innovations to this water heater since my last one.

  4. Arthur Benedict says:

    Also the only difference in the Performance & Performance Plus is 3 more
    year warranty and 130.00 more ,but do like I did get the home Depot
    extended warranty for 69.00 and save yourself 50.00

  5. Arthur Benedict says:

    S Andrews I’m already luv in it,I looked it up on you tube and talked to
    some of my contractor friends and they all told me it’s a go brand. 

  6. geekalinda says:

    thanks for the review, it helped a lot. I’m looking at this exact model and
    being that I know almost nothing about water heaters, it was reassuring to
    see your review/thoughts.

  7. Peter Le says:

    NEVER buy water heater from Rheem again! Thermostat blown up 3 times with
    in 2 years!

  8. clint baker says:

    People stick with ao smith and bradford white trust me im a plumber by
    profession and i always get water heater calls on rheem and the most common
    problem piolet assembly and the control valve do yourself a favor and get
    the ao or bradford. Lowes,home depot, and sears water heaters stay away. In
    addition you still need to flush the water heater even if it says self
    cleaning if you want your water heater to last.

  9. Anthony Henrie says:

    My Rheem is 24 yrs old and still going!

  10. David Torres says:

    Great Review