Gas Water Heater Clearwater

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Clearwater

One of the most common problems with a gas water heater is the pilot light going out, as this can result in only cold water coming through. Discover how the pilot light lies within an outer and inner cover with help from a master plumber and heating specialist in this free video on hot water heaters.

Expert: Chris Spannagel
Bio: Chris Spannagel has been a master plumber for 17 years and is licensed in Arizona.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

Series Description: Keeping a hot water heater in good working condition is the best way to keep warm water. Discover how old water heater valves will use more water than newer ones and more with help from a master plumber and heating specialist in this free video series on electric heaters.

25 Responses

  1. Bryan VanderPutten says:

    Dude, you left your flashlight in there!

  2. Kay Moore says:

    Your video was the only video that was simple, helpful, and accomplished
    the job:-)
    Warm bath:-)here I come

  3. Rolando Gorbea says:

    Thank you so much. Your a champion. 

  4. GulvanVS says:

    Thanks alot for this video. I live on the edge of my apartment complex and
    my pilot light goes out all the time but I always have maitenance do it.
    Well I finally did it and now know where to check after a storm. Thanks.

  5. Steven Zak says:

    My problem is that, not only is the pilot out, but when I turn the knob to
    “pilot” position and hold the button down, I don’t hear any gas coming out
    at all. Without gas coming out to light, I don’t see how thermocouple
    problems even come into play. (Got the Gas Company coming tonight and am
    hoping for a diagnosis.)

    UPDATE: Gas was coming out after all; I just didn’t hear it. The pilot was
    a little dirty but the Gas Man got it lit; end of problem.

  6. M Geez says:

    Why are gas water heaters sealed?

  7. Edwards Plumbing says:

    Is your water heating failing to heat up water? It could be the pilot.
    Watch this short, informational video to learn how to fix it!

  8. lol2skaters says:

    thanks really needed this the model your showing is the same model i have
    definitely great job in explaining

  9. Jim Rr says:

    Very well done lesson 

  10. shannonbarrera43 says:

    What happens if after minute you release button and flame goes out??

  11. Deke Clinger says:

    This video spared me a cold shower after having turned off the gas to do
    some work. I didn’t realize you still need to actually light the pilot
    light with fire these days…I was holding down the pilot button waiting
    for the thing to go, duh. Thanks for the post!

  12. jeventry says:

    Thank You so much.

  13. wordgirl07 says:

    Just re-lit my pilot light! Woohoo. Great video. THANK YOU!

  14. Betty Morales says:

    Thank you!! it helped a lot . 

  15. brianwemyss0 says:

    This was one of two videos that helped me fix my water heater’s pilot light
    going out and not coming back on. Thanks for the explanation of the

  16. voicesfollow says:

    Did what you said and the boiler worked, 45 seconds while depressing the
    switch. Thank you!

  17. BRIAN ELLIOTT says:

    well explained video. are you missing your flashlight by any chance?
    because I think that you put the cover on without removing your flashlight.

  18. Ray Ray says:

    As a single parent, it’s just not possible to call-out the pros to do
    this! I did it myself with your help! Thank you!!! :)

  19. doctorstork says:

    easy to understand…TY

  20. Anthony G. says:

    Thanks again for the straight up instructions – well done

  21. Kevin Venanzi says:

    Great video. Easy to follow and got my pilot light re-lit

  22. karla a says:

    It took me a while to find a video with this model all other videos are the
    newer models thanks it really helped me 

  23. Ken Peek says:

    4:28 into this video, after testing for full burner flame, the narrator
    says to “shut it back off”. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SHUT IT BACK OFF, BUT
    STAYS ON (but with the full burner off now”!

  24. Roderick Mosley says:

    great instructional video. You rock man. A.O. Smith Promax 50 would not
    and because of you I have managed to change burner element and now it is
    igniting, and I get flame and then it just goes out. Also seems like flame
    is not concentrated just above burner. I changed the coupler in the old
    burner unit, to no avail so bought new element. Please advise