Gas Water Heater Cooper City

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Cooper City

Finally have hot water in my RV. Spent some time camping in 2 places enjoying free wifi, and got Jax back in the spotlight.

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  1. LuAnn Patterson says:

    Funny, we are having frozen pizza in our RV right now! Any tips on finding
    a used RV refrigerator? I’ve had no luck.

  2. Totally left Field says:

    Wow and I thought I was the only to do that with a pizza box, ….BTW Jax
    is the best 🙂 

  3. Brandon Karr says:

    They still haven’t figured out the starter solenoid issue? Cheap solenoids
    are the most typical issue (a quality solenoid will have copper or brass
    terminals. Steel terminals cause too many issues). It’s not unheard of to
    throw 3-5 cheap solenoids at a vehicle until the issue is solved. I’d also
    have a complete starting and charging system check. This is typically done
    with a machine and will check how many amps the starter pulls during
    cranking. It’ll also check your charging system at idle and around 2,500
    rpm. with and without a load on the system. 

  4. doctorstan21 says:

    Hi! 99% certain you have a bad starter motor. Sometimes there are shorted
    coils and the starter draws to much current. If you had cold weather and a
    standard battery it probably wouldn’t be starting. The large amount of
    current welds the contacts together in solenoid. I think you mentioned they
    put in the starter some time ago. 

  5. TC Ed says:

    man you have making pizza down to a science in that gas oven , I always
    burn them , did you use a metal pan?

  6. fade7887 says:

    YAY KITTEH! Gonna have to change your youtube name to Jax Fanatic I love
    the old video where your holding him out the door while it snows and hes
    swatting at snow flakes lol. Last winter i took our cat out after a 12 inch
    snow fall and dropped him off the porch, (only about a 3ft drop) he sunk up
    almost over his head and started jumping and scrambling around to get back
    up the steps. It was hilarious especially with my wife yelling at me not to
    do it and telling me what a horrible person i was for doing that to the
    cat. I just considered it pay back for the time he puked in my shoes! lol

  7. Troy Foxxin says:

    Not a bad deal for a new water heater. It look like a combo LPG and
    Them things i seen go for over 700 alone. not including installation. 

  8. Vivid Dawn says:

    In my opinion, you should take off Jax’s harness if he’s just lounging
    around. Only use it when he’s actually going outside… dunno, I just think
    it would be uncomfortable to have that thing on all the time (then again,
    as a human, I don’t even like wearing clothes! LOL)
    The budget will be nice to see. I’ve already got 2 budgets planned. One for
    if things go well and I can buy a house when my dad dies (if my greedy mom
    doesn’t court-win all my part of the life insurance money), and one for if
    I DO end up not getting any money and have to live on the streets… though
    obviously that won’t be so bad 😉 I’m really hoping for the rural house,
    though, because I really want a garden and chickens. If not, I would rather
    live in my car than an apartment…apartment (or even suburb) living would
    drive me nuts!

  9. lemoncrinckles says:

    I’m REALLY tired of negative, unkind, snarky, filthy and sarcastic comments
    here, on Eric’s vlog and everywhere else. I have, however, come to know and
    love the features on the ‘options’ menu. (: Thanks Eric for continuing to
    post. It was delightful to see Jax again.

  10. Kelly Giddens says:

    what is happening has to be one of only a few things. either you are using
    a solenoid that is not rated to handle the amperage that you starter draws
    and the contacts are welding shut and won’t release when the 12 volt
    ignition signal from the key switch is removed.
    #2: You could have a bad ignition switch that the spring inside of it has
    gotten weak over the years, that when you turn the key to start then
    release the key doesn’t fully return to the run position and stays
    partially engaged in the start position.
    #3. You could have a bad relay or a shorted wire between the ignition
    switch and the starter solenoid.
    #4 Somebody over the years could of did a hack patch on a section of the
    wiring harness, I’ve seen these cause all kinds of problems.
    #5 Bad ground can cause all sorts of weird electrical problems.
    Over the years I have fixed each of these problems at different times.
    Don’t get fixated on just one aspect of a problem, just take your time.

  11. bert26a says:

    Did you get a tankless water heater? I need to get a new one for my fifth
    wheel and I’ve been thinking a lot about going with a tankless one.

  12. Wynter Rayne says:

    You whipped that pizza up like a pro! You must have done that a time or two
    in the past, lol 😉 (((Hugs))) to Jax ♥

  13. backwoods3214 says:

    are they made in usa solenoid?do u see a brand or name? im think its
    not a quality one. keep a spare one on hand is wise .

  14. Old Fart says:

    I bought an on demand for 199 bux. It works great .and uses little propane.

  15. Anthony Rose says:

    solenoid on the actual starter is bad. If their is no solenoid on the
    starter then the armature is shorted in the starter bud. Make them replace
    the starter lol. I rebuilt starters and alternators for nine years as a
    living lol

  16. michael phillips says:

    i do the exact same thing – watch beavis & butt head on my macbook pro

  17. jmiskinis says:

    I forgot to mention that you can now state that you know Jax sh*t about SD
    cards! :)

  18. Gypsy's Gold says:

    LOL That school bus in the parking lot of Walmart had just come from the WA
    Regional Rainbow Gathering over near Cle Elum, WA. It’s a Rainbow kitchen
    called Fudo N’ Alley Kitchen. Their a bunch of kids to traveller around and
    feed people.

  19. holden lau says:

    Hey Eric, just a quick question. I am just wondering how you camp over the
    winter? Coz I live in Calgary Canada, and it gets really cold in the winter
    but I want to rv full time and i am not sure if thats possible :(

  20. Old Fart says:

    I finally had to get more propane.

  21. Douglas Aitken says:

    You disappeared of my you tube and now suddenly you are back Kool missed
    your vids

  22. iamsabian says:

    Lovely cat 🙂 I was just wondering….looking at all the packaging of the
    pizza…how often do you empty your trash ? Is it a daily job ? And do you
    use street waste/garbage bins ? There’s so much packaging on stuff these
    days !

  23. Mona Cunningham says:

    Dear Eric and Jax, I am not sure if you got my other email. I wanted you to
    know that I love your videos. You have a lot of people who really love you
    two. Keep your spirits up as much as you can. You have a lot of fans and
    friends. Your videos make me happy. Remember, the bad times don’t last
    forever. You are a good person. Give Jax a hug for me. He rocks. Mona

  24. Danny Menary says:

    I love the relationship you and jax have

  25. thejokerspeaks says:

    Call me Lazy, but I break the pizza up in frozen form, inside the plastic,
    so that I don’t have to cut it. It won’t make perfectly shaped
    triangles, but you don’t have to clean anything. ;)