Gas Water Heater Dania Beach

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
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Gas Water Heater Dania Beach Question. When should I drain my water heater and how often can i drain it?

A. You’re not required to drain your water heater and it’s recommended that you will not – despite popular belief. When you drain teh hot water heater you are stirring up the many sediment that has collected in the bottoom which then forces the item out into you plumbing causing poor water strain and clogged faucets.

Q. The water does not stay hot for as long as it used to, do I want to replace my water heating unit?

A. There are two main causes for that lack on hot water, both of which won’t require replacement of the whole water heater unit. The first would be for those who have an electric water heater one of several heating elements may definitely not be opperating properly or perhaps the thermostat has malfunctioned and will need to be replaced. The other main reason would be that the particular dip tube has broken off in the tank and is now allowing the incoming cold water to mix with the hot water insterad to be forced to the bottom level, this is true for both gas and electric water heaters.

Q. What is best temperature to set my water heater at?

A. There are a several unique temperatures you can fixed your water heater to to help you to set it to what ever your self are comfortable with. Many people are comfortable with their mineral water heaters set to 120⁰F which is the new standard manufacturers pre-setting. If you have an adult model than more than likely yours is at the actual medium setting. On electric models you must adjust the thermostats (there might be two) which are situated behind two panels privately of the tank BE AWARE: be sure to shut off all electrcity to the water heater before removing these panels and you’ll adjust the setting towards the desired temperature. If there is a gas water heater we have a dial on the front on the gas valve which enables you to adjust it to the desired temperature.