Gas Water Heater Lake Park

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Lake Park

My discovery that my RV water heater can be run off of AC and not just propane. The more you live…the more you learn!

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  1. Motorhoming For Life says:

    Good video. We learn stuff every week and we’ve been at it for 2 years
    now. Sometimes its stressful to learn something you didn’t know and
    sometimes it’s fun :)

  2. On The Road RV Style says:

    Good job learn your Rig there is a lot more you will find. Been full-time
    for 2 years and travel were the work is. 

  3. ashley hefner says:

    Thinks for the info I was done the same way

  4. ashley hefner says:
  5. Pete & Christine Gannon says:

    Welcome to full time freedom to adjust to life’s reality. I have lived full
    time since 2006. Yes 8 years solid. We started in Mt. Shasta Ca. Last year
    we relocated to Arcata Ca. Work and school related moves. This change in
    life could only be done living this life style. We avoided job
    restructuring without financial ruin. You have a suburban water heater
    either 10 or 12 gallons. Mine is 12. You can run both A/C and propane to
    recover hot water. It has no adverse effect to the water heater. We live in
    a 2006 38 Ft 344J Everest Quad slide. Advice to purchase a “Flush King”
    This back flushes your tanks and if for some reason you pull your
    functional valve with no result, you will instantly realize how handy this
    tool becomes.

  6. Bill Howard says:

    Nice video, I live in Portland and that’s one of many beautiful drives. I
    relocated here from the east coast 18 months ago, and I’m going to school
    on your videos. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing!

  7. Scott Mozingo says:

    You’d think the dealer would have pointed that out. But at least you
    figured it out. Good job.

  8. Brett Fry says:

    Thank you!!!! I have been looking for this for a while, I had the same
    situation as you with the dealer walk-through.

  9. Robert Cowan says:

    It’s not your fault. That’s a very poor design. My last travel trailer had
    a dual fuel and their was a simple toggle switch for the water heater. Up=
    electric, middle= off, down=gas. Why they did yours that way is not so
    hot. Pun intended. :)

  10. Troy Foxxin says:

    its a easy miss that i found people run into when i used to work at a rv
    dealer. some are just LPG with Electric ignition. so it confuses people.
    But some are dual heats with full electric and LPG. Wish mine was that way
    but its just LPG. I tended to invest in a kit that i can add a heating
    element that run off ether DC or AC depending on which get i get. it just
    replaces the drain plug with another plug that has the element, and i wire
    it in. so instead of spending over $700 on a new water heater. I may spend
    like $100 on the kit.

    But nah no one is stupid on this. whats stupid is the design of your
    control panel which is suppose to have a 3 step switch, ( LPG < - OFF ->
    Electric ) not just one switch on the outside. and the owners manuals are
    junk to begin with unless they cover all the package options that a model
    can have. which often can come to the dealer completely different. Owners
    manual might of been of an economy LPG only heater but might of been
    changed later on. So most interchangeables like the fridge, Air
    conditioner, water heater, etc should have separate manuals, and owners
    manual for the general rig informing to refer to them.

  11. Leisa Horn says:

    Ok…you almost answered my question. I have been wondering the same thing.
    Mine was functioning on full electric until I turned my gas tanks on for
    heat. I was burning through my gas really fast and was smelling propane. I
    had the tanks checked and they were not leaking and neither were the lines.
    It was coming from the water heater. A friend lit a cigarette lighter on
    the line that goes to the water heater and it ignited. Since then, that is
    what they have done, but I am sure that my water heater can run on full
    electric, but I cannot find a switch. I have a switch on the inside of the
    camper and had in on electric, not gas, but it still does it. I have been
    watching videos all day to figure this out and so far, yours has come the
    closest to answering my question. My water heater is an Atwood. If you have
    any suggestions, please help.

  12. RxMixer says:

    Dave, old proverb fits well here…”Better late than never”. Thank you

  13. Tuxster3 says:

    +My RV Life

    Boring! Boring! Boring!

    If YOU’RE not even excited or interested in what you’re talking about, why
    should any YouTube viewer be?

    That’s right!

    I’m not!

    Learn how to make interesting videos.

  14. skydivecl says:

    THIS video should not have been made. its dumb.

  15. Connie Christenson says:

    Thanks I have been trying to figure mine out also. I also have a breaker
    that says water heater, but use propane because I can’t figure it out. Hope
    I find the switch today outside. :)

  16. LandonGendur says:

    Good video 🙂 For some reason I could watch you all day. Hope you make more
    videos soon :)

  17. Louis Rand says:

    Perfect! Just what I needed to learn. My manual is worthless too lol.
    Thanks for posting this.

  18. papaj92955 says:

    Too funny. I just went through the same scenario last night and started
    researching today. Thanks for the info.