Gas Water Heater Lake Worth

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Lake Worth

Our State gas water heater (model GS640YBRT) decided to stop working so I broke out the cat-o-nine-tails and beat it into submission. But seriously this is my replacement of the thermocouple assembly (part #9003542005).

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  1. Jeffrey Davidson says:

    We have the same State water heater with the same problem. Where did you
    get the replacement pilot assembly and roughly how much did it cost?

  2. Darrell Stewart says:

    Your video was very helpful to me for resolving my hot water pilot light
    problem. I have the same type of pilot light assembly and, like yours, my
    thermistor was coming detached on one end. Unfortunately, there was no
    local replacement available at noon on a Saturday so I resorted to
    soldering the bad thermistor connection. I’m very experienced at soldering
    but found it a bit tricky to get a reasonably good soldering joint.
    Definitely recommend purchasing a new pilot light assembly like you did.

  3. Kevin Norman says:

    Hey how much did you pay for that pilot assembly

  4. Kevin Norman says:

    duh, didn’t read the comments sorry

  5. AlwaysHopeful87 says:

    Thanks. Nice Work.

  6. Breeze Smith says:

    My wife wouldn’t let me mess with gas, so it cost me $500 bucks to the
    plumber. :-(

  7. Ray C says:

    Your video was helpful. My only comment would be that the lines from the
    main gas valve including the ignition wire be routed in such a way that
    they aren’t sticking out as to be caught by someone walking by the unit.
    Also, the gas tube from the main gas valve to the burner had several kinks
    in it. Caution should be taken when bending the small tubing.

  8. KiddPrime says:

    MOST….HELPFUL….VIDEO….EVER!!! As far as fixing my problem goes. Great
    job Thanks for the help! 

  9. Greg Spath says:

    Thanks for the video, did Plumbers Supply Co. have it in stock?

  10. 1383pack says:

    I watched your video on installing the thermal couple it was very helpful
    it was my time as well good looking 

  11. Stewart Perry says:

    The one thing you could have tried is a 30watt soldering iron and some flux
    and solder. Get the separated edge of the thermistor and the wire about a
    1/16 in apart and add a solder bridge between the two. Note that is a
    temporary fix and should be replaced by a professional..great video though!

  12. Stewart Perry says:

    Also after a year with a replacement part is it still working?

  13. Scott Phillips says:

    On my State gs640yoctg, I just used a new universal 24 inch thermocouple
    from the hardware store. Sizes ranged from 18 to 36 inch. 24 seam to fit
    perfect but longer ones could just be curled. I sliced the grommet on the
    side just enough to get the old one out, unscrewed the thermocouple and
    pushed it out of the main mount while compressing the retaining clips on
    the side of the sensor. Pushed the new one in using the same tube retaining
    clip and routed the line near the old mount and on through the grommet.
    Works great. Only $11. Good time to vacuum out the burner area. 

  14. orange70383 says:

    Awesome, I have the exact same GS640YBRT with same issue. Great job man,
    thanks. I really appreciate the part number too. Excellent’

  15. tom newmarker says:

    I have the same issue AND the exact same water heater. PLEASE tell me the
    part number that you used? I’ve carefully read and re-read the while
    thread, I can’t seem to find it? Really great video though! 

  16. Steve Rivas says:

    Great video. Much appreciated. What did your assembly run you?

  17. Luis Ancajas says:

    Sivendel, Thank you for your very helpful video.

    Scott Phillips, you are exactly right! You can buy a universal 24 in
    thermocouple and “wedge” it into the fixture. You avoid the hassle of
    finding the complete fixture (part #9003542005)

    I have a 10yr old water heater, State Model GS640YOCTG. My fixture looked
    exactly like the one on Sivendel’s video.

    I removed the old thermocouple within the fixture, including the unique
    contraption in the middle(looks like a resistor/cap circuit, and I replaced
    it with the new thermocouple. I was able to maintain the integrity of the
    fixture and replace it in the water heater and everything is working fine.

    I would have been charged $200 for replacing it via a water heater
    specialist, but at 10 years of age, it seemed like a risky bet. The
    alternative was to replace the whole water heater and that would cost

    Altogether I spent 30min, and $9.97 for fixing it. I’ll buy a new water
    heater later this year.

  18. luis Silva says:

    where did you buy that part at. I am having the same problem u did.