Gas Water Heater Malabar

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Gas Water Heater Malabar

This video shows how to make the Kwiky burner. Kwiky, because it is so easy to build. All fuel because it can be run on waste motor oil, waste vegetable oil, kerosene, diesel, propane, and natural gas too. It is the easiest way to build a siphon burner that works that I know of. It uses common plumbing and welding parts that you can get from any local “big box” store. You can see more details of how to build it on this web page:

If you build one, send me some hot pictures that I can post on my web site!! My e-mail is backyard-metal-casting-e-zine (@)

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  1. Bryce Claxon says:

    Is the mig tip hollow? Because if you solder the pipe to the nipple i don’t
    see how the air gets to the nozzle.

  2. halcyonwarrior says:

    Impressive design. Your creation? I shall be building this using your
    design, but would like your input on a modification. Do you think it
    reasonable to replace the rear elbow with a “T”, use another short nipple
    at the rear, get a cap for the 1/8″ rear nipple, drill the cap to allow a
    tight fit for the 1/4″ supply tube and increase the length of the 1/4″
    supply tube to exit the cap, drill holes (air supply) in the tube at the
    approximate location of the rear “T”, and solder/braze the 1/4″ tube to the
    cap? Then the cap could be turned allowing adjustment of the fuel flow.
    In essence moving the welding tip forward and back using the threads of the
    cap and nipple, much like you used the plug. But revised to allow
    adjustment under heat and as needed.

  3. Nicolas Ordahl says:

    Very nice build from available parts! Elegent in its simlicity

  4. Nicolas Ordahl says:

    Very nice build. Simple, clean, effective and available to any who care to
    build it.

  5. Chuck J says:

    I used your fuel supply design, with modifications/additions, to build a
    waste oil heater to heat a 24′ x 52′ work shop using a 55 gallon drum.
    This is a 12′ high steel building with NO insulation. On last test I was
    able to raise the inside air temp. 18 degrees above the outside air temp.
    (40 outside 59 inside). I’m burning approx. 1 gallon per hour of oil so I
    should be able to calculate the BTUs based on the formula another commenter
    gave. Thanks for the design idea.

  6. FULLR3TARD says:

    Do you think it’s possible to modify an old oil burner for a furnace? They
    are very similar in design.
    Also, what is your foundry lined with?

  7. Jeff Fleming says:

    OK, I was trying to light it outside because I wasn’t sure how it would
    work. I did not want to start a fire inside first time.. I was not using
    the furnace. I will try it that way and report back. I was sure that I
    built it correctly.

  8. Matthew Lawrence says:

    I wanted to ask if you tried the air supply in the front fitting? The air
    would go around the mig tip and pull the fuel through the mig tip orfice…

  9. Jeff Fleming says:

    Jeff here again, I watched your video several times and I have done what
    you told us to do. I mounted the unit in the old wood stove and put a brake
    caliper in the bottom to help with mass and radiant heat. I get a mist of
    oil or kerosene out of it and I have tried several different air pressures,
    and adjusted the spray head. I can get the kero. to burn and heat
    everything up, but for the life of me I can not get used oil to burn. I
    took the unit apart to check my construction and tried it again. I have
    been all weekend on this project and can not get it to work. now what?

  10. nobackhands says:

    Went to Lowes and picked up the parts. The check out system rejected the
    sale of the elbow. A lead problem in the brass. When back to the
    department and all were removed. I was not happy….they were marked $2
    off each

  11. robertofkennedy says:

    I built one for the internal tip I used knitting needle

  12. YFUATIW says:


  13. Sean Driskel says:

    Great design, note for novices soldering, test each piece as you go to make
    sure you have air flow where you need it, and not where you don’t.
    Here’s ours burning on tiki torch lamp oil, later we switched it to motor
    oil, but the thicker fluid needs a bigger fuel line than we have (1/8″ ID)

  14. Stan Mitchell says:

    I fired up my foundry today a test run burns oil well . When I set my
    crucible in it drowned out the flame research and development. Tomorrow I
    will try another crucible smaller diameter and with legs about 3 inches
    higher than before. 

  15. Dan Kortuem says:

    I think your design is excellent. It burns great on #2 fuel oil. After it
    is hot I switched to 50/50 fuel oil/drain oil. Tomorrow I intend to heat
    the drain oil in a 30 cup coffee maker as shown in one of your movies.

    I built an oil burner based on your concept. It works well on my existing
    furnace. The bore of the furnace is 12” deep and 10” diameter. The pipe
    into the furnace is 1½”.
    Tomorrow I am going to fire and dry my new furnace. It is based on ½ of a
    55 gal drum. The bore is 18” deep and the diameter is 15”. The pipe in is
    2”. I intend to use the same 1½ burner. With a reducer to connect to the

    If I am not getting enough BTUs in the big furnace I intend to make another
    burner unit. I will build it in a 2” pipe. I will bore the jet out to.O50
    and the Plug out to 1/8.
    What do you think.

    I tried to e-mail you pictures but you e-mail address is not recognized
    Dan Kortuem

  16. Joseph D'Bennidetto says:

    You can put some “White out” error correction fluid on your threads to keep
    the soldier off them.

  17. Gregor Malek says:

    Hello. I build a similiar burner like yours but I can’t get it started with
    waste motoroil.
    It is a bit different to yours because I can’t get the same parts here in
    But it sprays very good.
    Do you preheat the waste oil? Which temp?

  18. imystery man says:

    A couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me a really big coffee maker
    about like yours for the oil tank, that thing will work perfect to heat the
    oil to thin it down especially in cooler weather. I almost scraped it out a
    couple of times so I just went to check to see if I still had it and it was
    there, thanks for sharing. unreal.

  19. Anders Björkman says:

    Great video. Enough details to build my own siphon nozzle 🙂 

  20. Bass Report says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great video. Very clear explanation and great design.
    I’m planing to build it but can’t find any 1/8 parts around my location.
    Can someone recommend me any online store around EU selling this type of
    hardware? Thanks in advance.

  21. builtrodewreckedit says:

    Put together one of your kwiky burners and was actually very surprised how
    nicely it worked. Its a nice easy to understand and duplicate design. I was
    at first hoping to stay away from using compressed air but now realize its
    not such a big deal after all. Thanks for sharing it with us

  22. is the burn off smell bad?

  23. if it blows air in oil container what am i doing wrong

  24. JayFax V says:

    How hot does it get?