Gas Water Heater Marathon

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Marathon

Learn how to install an electric water heater with these step by step instructions. To install an electric water heater, you will need common plumbing tools, screwdrivers, a circuit tester or voltmeter, and pipe joint compound. If you have copper pipes, installation kits are available.

Make sure electrical power is off. Check the circuit for power. Let the hot water run until cool. Drain the water heater. Disconnect the electrical wires. Remove the discharge pipe.
Connect hot and cold lines to the correct fittings. If soldering, solder the pipe to an adapter first, then connect the adapter to the water heater using pipe joint compound. Add a thermal expansion tank to the cold water line.

Attach the discharge pipe to the temperature and pressure release valve. Never cap or plug the discharge pipe.Turn the cold water supply valve on and fill the tank. Open the hot water faucet and let the hot water run full for 3 minutes. Check the water pressure. Check for leaks. Check the wiring. Connect the power wires. Connect the ground wire to the green ground screw.

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Learn how to install a gas water heater by watching this video:

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25 Responses

  1. Lowe's Home Improvement says:

    @MrBMW513 We’re sorry, but we didn’t hear anything about a ‘vacuum relief
    valve.’ Thank you for watching the Lowe’s YouTube Channel. –Lowe’s

  2. EdCarrasquillo says:

    An excelent, informative video. Very helpful thank you.

  3. Hadee Alhassanawi says:

    That’s good info. Thanks

  4. AliJaeJR says:

    This is a great video. I had a water be electric water heater put in
    yesterday and I can’t get any hot water. How would I know if the heat rod
    inside blew. What could I try?

  5. Lowe's Home Improvement says:

    You may only need a new bottom element. Thanks for vising out YouTube site!
    – Lowe’s

  6. TheMystereman1 says:

    This video was extremely helpful and after seeing it I went to Lowes to
    purchase my water heater and installation kit. Thanks for thelp.

  7. Lowe's Home Improvement says:

    We highly suggest that this is NOT a good way to run your radiators. Hot
    water heaters are not made to recycle water. Thanks! – Lowe’s

  8. notcool98 says:

    I just need to replace the wiring going to the water heater. I wish there
    was more detail on connecting the wiring. It’s aluminum too 🙁

  9. donna odell says:

    we have a wh-7 series hot water make 41 gallons we are getting heat but
    our hot water is not working?

  10. John Rousow says:

    I want to turn down the temprature on my geyser, because it is heating the
    water too much. Would you mind explaining to me how it is done? I have
    heard it must be done correctly.

  11. Lowe's Home Improvement says:

    We suggest that you have a plumber change the water heater settings for
    you. Thanks for watching our videos! -Lowe’s

  12. Skinny Arms says:

    Glad my dad is a plumber. No labor cost saves mass quantities of currency.

  13. joshthemadtitan says:

    I have it hooked up as is, and all the valves are open but the hot water
    (its still off) faucet only runs a second or two then turns to a drip. I
    have had it hooked up a good half hour, does it take longer to fill or is
    there a trick to purging the system of air?

  14. Khonflict34 says:

    after opening my water heater, (mine) has 2 screwed panels. the bottom one
    of mine has a simple hot turn knob. you turn it to the desired heat as such
    with a car heater. the more you turn it up. the hotter it is.

  15. Oswaldo Beraún says:

    You should have use dielectric unions for the copper connection to the
    water heater…

  16. alberto leon says:

    Exelent video

  17. jayton80 says:

    There is one key step missing from the video: Charging the expansion tank
    so that it is calibrated to your water pressure setting. My understanding
    is that it is important for the pre-charge pressure to be adjusted before
    the water is turned back on.

  18. john canales says:

    two hours is a long time to heat up

  19. Bruce Campbell says:
  20. Carol Ferguson says:

    Even with this video and because of all the negative comments my husband
    would not change ours and of course ours went out this morning. My question
    is its gas. So should we turn the gas line off before we start draining it
    so it will be done by the time the plumber is hired by us and comes out to
    save time.? Could someone please help us? 

  21. michael parks says:

    Ok what the panel on the side of the water hear for .There are wires within
    it .

  22. Craig Vecchione says:

    1. Yes, dissimilar metal connections should be made with a dielectric union.
    2. Expansion tanks for a water heater do not need to be calibrated, you may
    be thinking of tank used with well pumps, which need to be charged to match
    the on/off switching.
    3. To adjust the water temperature, follow the instructions with your water
    heater. Most have a simple temperature dial. Heed the scald warnings,
    especially if children or elderly people are living in the house.
    4. If any faucet slows to a drip after installing a water heater, check the
    faucet strainer for debris clogging it. Often, working on the pipes
    dislodges sediment which travels through the system. Further, if you have
    tub/shower faucets with anti-scald valves, don’t use these until you’ve
    purged all the other faucets in the house, to minimize the amount of
    sediment that might get trapped in the anti-scald mechanism.
    5. The video shows the heater installed on the floor. Note the kink in the
    garden hose they used to try to drain it. The water heater should be raised
    off the floor at least enough to easily hook up a drain hose. You should
    shut off power, hook up a hose and open the drain the tank to clean out
    sediment…at least twice a year. Even for “self cleaning” water
    heaters. If the tank is on the floor, this is difficult. Lowe’s and other
    stores sell platforms, or you can build a sturdy platform (capable of
    supporting 600lb or more..water weighs ~8lb per gallon) to raise the tank.

  23. S. McCloy says:

    Do not take the blue stuff off the tank some people think this is for
    packaging reason it serves a purpose so please save yourself some time and
    money and do not disturb these parts.