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Gas Water Heater Newberry

How to test an Oven Ignitor with a clamp on Amp meter. You will want to use this test if the oven ignitor is glowing orange, but the oven is not heating. It is possible for the oven Ignitor to be defective but still glow orange.

The best way to do this is to apply 120 VAC to the ignitor and test the amperage. 2.8 amps will let the safety valve open and let gas into the oven. A good ignitor should read around 3.2 – 3.5 after it has heated up for a few seconds.

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  1. Bill Newberry says:

    lol, people argue with me everyday about this, I’m glad I was able to help
    you out!

  2. Bill Newberry says:

    Your Welcome! Thanks for Watching!

  3. T. Walter O. says:

    Bill, Claudia commented about 3 months ago regarding oven that does not
    heat up as easily as expected. I have a similar problem. The heat up takes
    too long and does not reach the thermostat setting from the control panel.
    Since I am using an oven thermometer, I know something is not working
    properly. The oven reading reaches about 50 degrees less than the control
    panel setting and takes too long. How many minutes should the oven take to
    reach 350 degrees?

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    thanks so much, I was reading 2.4 amps on mine and it wasn’t opening the
    saftey valve. Going to order a new one today :).

  5. mozoom says:

    you rock ! Thanks for the info. My lower igniter was the culprit. It
    took me longer to find the amp meter you were using for testing the
    amperage than replacing the part itself ! lol

    I shut off my gas valve behind the stove, removed the back metal panel to
    access the igniter plugins, I turned my oven bake at 400 F , then watch the
    igniter get red but voila, I only had 2.4 A.
    I also tested the upper (Broil) igniter and got 3.3 A My oven has been
    making that “woof” sound for at least 2-3 years and could not figure out
    the problem. It is working good now!!! 

  6. Patrick Jackson says:

    After watching your video I was able to fix my oven. Thank you.


    I have watched your video numerous times and followed through on the
    testing. I have replaced the igniter and then tested for continuity on the
    safety valve, which I did have positive continuity. Once everything was
    back together, I had to reset the safety plunger on the gas regulator. I am
    able to get the gas in the oven to ignite, but it is a very low blue flame
    and doesn’t change with increasing the dial rotation. Why will this not
    fire up? Is this a thermostat issue or still a defective Safety Valve?

  8. kbm blizz says:

    Very interesting video. I saw your other helpful videos. You should do one
    on the Whirlpool/Kitchenaid electric ovens that self destruct in self
    cleaning cycle. Mine just went dead and had to replace two overtemp
    cutoffs. The parts gal said it is very common.

  9. Danny Diet says:

    would this be the same reading for kitchen aid oven??

  10. Matthew Lucas says:
  11. Mark Morris says:

    thank you so much very good info you saved me some money thanks again

  12. Petrit Halili says:

    thanks a lot. it worked

  13. William Wakeham says:

    Poofing repeatedly! Perfect description. Thanks, so much!

  14. Paul Brown says:

    Worked exactly as he described. Would glow orange but not enough amperage
    to trip the gas safety switch. $21 on Amazon for the igniter and a cheap
    $13 multimeter from Harbor Freight later, then oven was as good as new.
    Thanks for the video!

  15. ryk1265 says:

    Wow, you learn something new everyday!

  16. okay says:

    Hopefully, when I pass on to the great unknown, men like you will still
    exist so my wife will not be at the mercy of idiots and thieves.

    I troubleshooted this and order my ignitor without prior knowledge of your
    video. Using documentation that came with my 5 year old high end Kenmore.
    Subsequently, I goggled to see what was out there for YouTube diagnosis.
    It’s pretty rare where audio level on someones upload is at correct
    non-obtrusive level, steady video, and lacks superfluous nonsense. Your
    well ahead of the curve.

    Aside from obvious correct use of ammeter, Thank you Sir; for being an
    adult anomaly among the majority of children who upload.

  17. kiril mihaylov says:

    anything about testing spark ignitors ? thank you

  18. HH REY says:

    Good video, I installed mine in about 10 minutes. once installed i turned
    it on and in about 10 seconds the oven flamed up normally. I watched the
    glow plug and it never seemed to go completely out after it did its job.
    When I shut the oven off the glow plug goes out right away but while
    operational it remains orange. I found that kind of weird maybe someone
    could help fill me in on why it would stay orange? Thanks.

  19. Chuck Johnson says:

    Good video. Camera, sound, explanation, scenerio * POOF*. I thought Yep.
    I heard that sound. 

  20. cooldog60 says:

    Good info. Thanks Bill.

  21. 6roughneck1 says:

    Wondering if this might also cause the oven to fume some too?

  22. Nathan Carr says:

    Very Helpful, thank you very much.

  23. Robert McBride says:
  24. kenneth burgess says:

    does ignitor stay on all the time to keep oven lit?