Gas Water Heater Plant City

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Plant City

Learn how to replace a gas hot water heater with the step by step instructions in this video.

You will need wrenches and other common plumbing tools. You will also need pipe joint compound or Teflon® tape. You can make gas leak detection solution with children’s soap bubbles or dish washing liquid. For copper pipes, you can purchase an installation kit that does not require soldering.

First, make sure the gas supply and gas control knob have been turned off. Let the hot water run until cool. Drain the water from the hot water heater. Remove the discharge pipe from the old temperature and pressure relief valve. Disconnect the vent pipe and union and remove the gas pipe.

If soldering pipe, do not solder pipes while they’re attached to the water heater. Instead, solder to an adapter and install the adapter with pipe joint compound or Teflon® tape. Install a thermal expansion tank. Check the home’s water pressure. Attach the discharge pipe. Do not cap or plug the discharge pipe.

Install the new draft hood and attach the vent pipe. Install the gas pipe. Turn the gas supply on and check for leaks. Correct any leaks and retest. Turn the cold water supply on and check for water leaks. Open a hot water faucet and allow the water to run full for 3 minutes. Install the air filter and vacuum occasionally.

To light a water heater, turn the control knob to pilot and press the knob fully. Hold the knob in and click the igniter button once per second until the status light begins to blink. Once the red status light is blinking, release the knob and set the temperature to the desired setting.

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25 Responses

  1. Eddie Pak says:

    Professional and detailed instruction! Thank you for posting it.

  2. Miles2Brooklyn says:

    These instructions are clear, and very straightforward. Thanks for posting

  3. websuspect says:

    @KingMobileAudio MIssed turn off the gas line.

  4. TheHugMonster says:

    huh tucson plumbing soddered my pipes on while on the tank then again this
    demonstration they failed to elevate the heater to allow neighbors to
    detect a gas leak before KABLOOWWYY!!

  5. dadonthetube says:

    I could only wish my water heater were so easily accessible and in such a
    perfectly clean area!

  6. jpgharley says:

    I see so much wrong with this video it is not really fair to display
    video’s like this -you are doing it all wrong and not addressing very
    important issues to homeowners. like this-1. why do you have white Teflon
    tape on the gas line-it should be yellow for gas use. You should never use
    flexible lines- why aren’t you advocating Di-electric unions on the inlet
    and outlet to prevent galvanic corrosion and electrical shock hazards.This
    video should be banned.

  7. Scott S says:

    I think plumbers sit around all day, searching the internet to bash every
    DIY article.

  8. SHRIKE427 says:

    Thank you, Great video, very professional, great production of the clip…
    Nice work !!…

  9. Andrew Pope says:

    Plumbers would install these more and have less time to make comments on
    here if they didn’t charge $125 an hr.

  10. KNOT1333 says:

    They told my Mother it would cost her another 275.00 to install a 800.00
    water heater she bought from the same store, but before they sold it to her
    they told her it was included! She was very happy that she had me, it took
    no time and was easy as pie. I even paid a professional 35.00 to make sure
    all was good and said he couldn’t have done a better job. We are eating at
    Red Lobster tonight with some of the money saved! Yeah funny how plumbers
    are all negative in comments here.

  11. KNOT1333 says:

    thanks for the video by the way!

  12. Michael Gonzalez says:

    My city inspected the work I did following this video. They approved it.
    Most homeowners prefer to pay $35 for an inspection than $400 for an

  13. gabriel g says:

    i payed 350 fir my water heater and i was going to pay 300 fir the
    installation until i saw this video it took me arounf 5hrs cuz i had to dry
    the floor under need it befor putting the brand new one in. thx

  14. Siddique Imran says:

    Thanks and very useful!

  15. Gas Plumbing Technologies says:
  16. KC Water Heater says:

    Haha. Maybe they’re all slow because everybody is doing their own plumbing.

  17. TheMockAgenda says:

    I had always heard it’s dangerous to install water heater’s yourself?
    Can’t it explode? Or is that just urban myth???

  18. Pablo Parada says:

    I just saved $750 thanks to this video, thank you very much for posting
    stuff like this

  19. Blake Bernard says:

    For some reason I always thought a licensed plumber was the only one
    allowed to move or replace water heaters

  20. Matt Siegel says:

    Thanks for the video. Very clear and strait forward. Got my new one in
    today relatively easily by myself costing about $450.00 for everything.
    Beats the guy who was standing next to me buying a similar unit who paid
    $1100.00 installed.

  21. Pete Miller says:

    You didn’t install a di-electric union. Also no mention of seismic straps

  22. GalaXy808 . says:

    Is this just a gas?water heater? No electric & gas? Bec. My water heater in
    my working place is both gas & electric.anybody tell me if how to connect
    just gas.

  23. Aaron Furman says:

    Things I have learned from this video and following comments. 1. You don’t
    need to support expansion tanks, just let them hang from the copper!!! 2.
    You can solder from the top down….. the hell with capillary action! 3.
    You don’t need dielectric unions despite the UPC stating other wise. What’s
    a little electrolysis? And 4. The general public hates paying for
    anything. While I’m not saying certain plumbing shops won’t try and rip you
    off, but there is a reason why Plumbers are paid quite a bit of money. Most
    of them go through training and schooling for a minimum of 4 years. Oh
    one more thing depending on where you live the water heater is supposed to
    sit at least 18″ up, but I’m sure most people here knew that… 

  24. Rachel Zuidland says:
  25. Andrea Bondarev says: