Gas Water Heater Port St Joe

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Gas Water Heater Port St Joe

Water can be used as a source of fuel, and there are ways of converting your car to take advantage of this cheap and environmentally friendly energy source. When you are looking at any type of conventional fuel, it is the combustion process that releases the energy required to power the engine. In terms of using water as fuel, we need to consider how to convert the vehicle so that it can extract the combustible components in the water in order to use these to run the engine.

The combustible components in water are hydrogen and oxygen, and currently there are no proven technologies advanced enough to extract enough of these gases to run the engine on water alone.

Therefore when you are converting a regular vehicle over to water fuel, you will need to retain an element of the original design, so that conventional fuels can be combined with the water fuel to power the engine efficiently. Although you would still be using conventional fuel, this would be nominal, meaning that mileage should be increased and overall fuel costs significantly decreased.

One way of modifying your car to run on water fuel is to install an electrolysis system. Electrolysis is a way of extracting hydrogen from water, via a cell, which would be run on a battery. This hydrogen extract is not enough to power the engine alone and would then need to be processed by a generator, which would mix the hydrogen in with regular fuel to create a combined fuel source.

This hydrogen supplementing process can be used on both petrol and diesel engines (even if you have a turbo), and a typical system would include the following basic modifications to your vehicle:

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