Gas Water Heater Sebastian

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
Gas Water Heater Sebastian

Gas company teaching how to turn on pilot in water heater

7 Responses

  1. 2pacono says:

    after so many tries i saw your video and finally got it lite…thks

  2. Chuy Castro says:

    i know how to turn one on but it doesnt stay lit. i cant turn it on.

  3. Elaine Gurovich says:

    i called tge gas company. They came and tought me how to turn it on. I took
    this video to remember thw next time. If you have problems, call the gas
    company and they will tell you what is wrong.

  4. baraclude says:

    I tried to reignite my water heater and it end up in a loud explosive
    sound. My neighbor came by and i had to affirm them i was fine. BTW it was
    before i saw this video. I just tried again with your tutorial, it’s turned
    on. Weird, it kept going off from time to time and its brand new.

  5. Gustavo Gaona says:

    thanks so very much lady this helped me so muuccchh!!! smart women

  6. dominique kilvitis says:

    im too afraid i’ll blow up my house.

  7. Zeeshan Syed says:

    Elaine Gurovich. Thanks for sharing the video. I used to turn on the gas
    heater back in my country like all the time. Things in America are usually
    different so I wanted to make sure what I was supposed to do. This is quite
    similar to what we had back in my home country. Cheers!