Gas Water Heater St Cloud

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Gas Water Heater St Cloud

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  1. johnlvs2run says:

    The water heater is an excellent conductor, transferring maxium heat from
    the water to the chimney. It does work both ways. Gas water heaters are
    greatly inefficient.

  2. malachy1847 says:

    @johnlvs2run You could Fry an egg off those exaust gases…… Hybrid Water
    Heaters are the way to go……

  3. Hugo A Osorio says:

    Very entertaining and informative…thanx for sharing

  4. zeryphex says:

    Our water heater broke, and I decided to come here to learn more about how
    a water heater works. Thanks for the video upload.

  5. sanat sachdeva says:

    i liked it,subscribed to it,loved it……the best video i have ever seen
    on youtube….i am a plumber and thank you for such detailed yet simplified

  6. Lydia Magda says:

    An excellent presentation! Thank you. How about the water heaters with
    glass interior instead of steel? I suppose the benefit of glass is that
    you’ll have no rust build-up.

  7. mbenall3 says:

    awesome video, love the video illustrations!! 5 stars!

  8. carlo0116 says:

    Thank you science channel!

  9. spaveevo says:

    now i know.

  10. Theworldisyourz09 says:

    Fuck insulation tell more about the individual components that break
    causing your showers to run cold who cares about insulation and conduction

  11. Shanna Holler says:


  12. MobiusX says:

    i dont get it, i never was good in science

  13. Richard Sink says:

    I have never understood why people call it a hot water heater. It heats
    cold water, why would you want to heat hot water?


    Commercial and residential water tanks differ in capacity and energy usage.
    Other than that they work pretty much the same way. Take a look at this:

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  15. KalimaShaktide says:

    Great video…annoying voice

  16. LazyScoutJace says:

    The invention taken for granted by so many.

  17. Bell Plumbing Maintenance says:

    Wonder how water heater works? Watch this >>

  18. Christina Li says:

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  19. Heat Relief Heating & Cooling says:

    Water heaters-we all have them in our home but do we ever really stop to
    think how they actually work? If you’re curious watch this #video: