Gas Water Heater Surfside

Posted on: July 1, 2015 by in Gas Water Heater
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Gas Water Heater Surfside

my girlfriend bought this little trailer. We will be fixing it up over the next few years and I will try to post some of my progress along the way.

At the time this video was posted the renos have already started and a lot has changed. I will try to get some footage of what it is like now posted soon.

I have ripped up the flooring and replaced all of the rotted plywood, removed the eating area and replaced it with a permanent bed with a split hinged storage / utility area, removed the front bunk area and installed a forced air furnace to by the door, removed the old furnace and installed a water heater ( physical install and gas. no plumbing yet. )

I’ve done some other things as well. Like I said, I will try to get some photos and footage together and post my progress.

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